Advice on recommended accessories for portable

Hello! New to the audiophile world - I appreciate the helpful advice I have received so far! Need a bit more direction.

Recently I’ve started with the iFi GO BLU for Bluetooth and portability for work reasons. I’m starting out with IEMs;

  • have always used a SoundCore Liberty Air 2 TW
  • just got the RevoNext QT2,
  • a Campfire Comet is on the way.
  • next one will be $200-$400 range.

I’d appreciate some advice on recommended accessories:

  • an upgraded IEM cable option that’s better than the stock ones (maybe w/ multiple type connectors option?)
  • direct connection for using iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • for car: want direct-to-car via USB port for a future portable DAC choice (like the iFi xDSD / Hip DAC v2 / etc.) Have a high-end system in car and want to take advantage of that

Eventually I’ll plunge into headphones and a desk top DAC set-up. So, any accessories I look at getting now that can be used with that set-up would be a plus, too (if possible).

Thanks for your advice and recommendations!!!


A nice cable that offers multiple termination options is a good way to start.

You are going to own IEMs with different connector types (2-pin, mmcx, QDC, etc.). There are adapters from 2-pin to mmcx and vice versa. So if you can stick to 2-pin or mmcx, and use adapters, you may be able to stick to one cable if you are careful and picky.

Not sure how sensitive the Comet is, but if it is anything like the Andromeda it may hiss with a lot of amplifiers. In which case, iFi has a neat little accessory that deals with that. It’s called the Silencer+.


Dunu make some nice cables with interchangeable connectors.


Thanks for the links and advice. Will look into to them!

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Thank you! I have seen them discussed and will check them out.

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