FatFreq Maestro Series (Mini, SE) - Official IEM Discussion

A project that began with the intent of creating a monitor that encompasses all the goals of the upcoming MAESTRO series, at the lowest possible cost.

• 20dB hyper-controlled bass shelf

• 7dB pinna gain

• 2dB/octave descending treble extension 3kHz - 25kHz

3D printed sound channels and a proprietary bass chamber tuned for perfect control.

Maestro Mini

To perform your best, hearing high-resolution mixes is not enough - you have to feel it pumping in your veins.

Packed with Tribrid technology, Maestro SE utilizes a combination of Dynamic, Balanced armature, and Quad electrostatic drivers for best-in-class airiness on the highs and ultra-highs, supported with a powerful yet controlled low-end for ultimate head-thumping goodness!

Now available in Universal-fit, Maestro SE is the ultimate end-game monitor for anyone looking to take their music experience to the highest level.

Maestro SE


@Precogvision’s review ot the Maestro Mini here:

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Thank You for posting this. I am receiving Maestro SE today, so will let ya know what I think. Fingers crossed :slight_smile: I saw HBB rated it #1, but Timmy gizaudio says bass canon w less vocal prowess, so I really hope I am gonna like it.

Glad to see the MSE is tricking over to these parts as well.

They did something special for my MSE that was supposed to be shipped out this week, but it failed QC inspection, so it looks like I’ll get that and my Mini in early February after Chinese New Year.

Since I’m a more bass-inclined person, I think it will be right up my alley. My taste lines up more with HBB versus Timmy in general.

I look forward to seeing your review!


I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but under the “Source & Drivability” heading, the paragraph mentions the IE600.

Did you mean to reply to me on the IE200 page LOL

No, I clicked the link to Precog’s review of the Maestro Mini and it mentioned the IE600.

Same here, as a drummer, I am hoping it has great drums and bass for possibly using on live gigs, but even if not, maybe I will prefer the strong low end.
They said mine would be aprox 10 day turn around but it took a month. He apologized and added the silver cord upgrade for free. I think I saw a post saying that was already added free as a perk. Aware of seeing that on a review? Also they use DHL and it said 5 days, but if it does arrive today was only 3.
May I ask what they did special on yours that you mentioned?

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Initial impression is sound stage seems slightly slightly wider than u12t (which is already amazing) and separation of instruments/placement incredible. I am marveling at the various instruments and placement.

added note- I played Paul Simons music and was so exquisite that hrs later I was still at it. ‘Spectacular’ comes to mind as the description. As a drummer, I almost always want the bass as a solid foundation under my drumming and that is there perfectly. The separation of instruments was the best I have experienced. Even the sound stage at times felt as tho the instruments hard left and right were outside the iem farther to the right and left. Hope this helps a bit and Id love to see a review from you experts :slight_smile:


My Maestro SE, Mini V1, and Mini V2 are being delivered today.

Very excited to try them out after hearing about them so much!


Did you receive them yesterday and have time to listen much yet?

*disclaimer since I am their community rep:

I put a few hours into the Maestro SE and am pleasantly surprised. It’s truly a cinematic experience - the best way I can describe it in a sentence.

How the bass does not overpower or bleed into the rest of the signature, I do not know.

More impressions to come soon. Starting to put the Mini through it’s paces as well today!


I agree about the SE. The bass feels so solid in a very good way but not too much. Thanks for your thoughts and experience w it


Hope it is a simple issue but the left side sub seemed to stop working on the Mestro. Ben said to send it back and sent a prepaid shipping slip. I will see how their customer service is on something like this. Hope it goes smooth because so far they sure sounded amazing.

Have you had time to listen sufficiently to the Maestro SE? As I mentioned the left sub went out on mine and so sent it back and haven’t heard anything back from Ben, so hope there is not an issue. Have you had contact w Ben in the last week?

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Are you still having issues? Were you able to get in touch with him?

Sorry for the late response - we were packed with CJ and then I got sick.

My contact isn’t the traditional way customers do it though.

Let me know if you still need help.

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Hope you’re feeling better after being sick. Wish I coulda been to CJ. Any standouts? Ben said the Maestro was finishing up repair and have it back over the weekend , but not heard anything since last week. Maybe it will happen this week. He said I probably had debris in the bore hole, but I was using the screen type tips and dont think it was likely. Awaiting answer or reply from him. I am reluctant to be too hasty in judgement, because I really love the sound of the Maestro SE! :slight_smile:

Ok. If you are concerned, please PM me your info; I would happily help.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t much of a listening show since the industry presence was so heavy this time (which is excellent for us!)

I did hear the Grand Maestro, which was cool, but I did not have enough time to comment appropriately.

The standout for me was the Vision Ears line-up. I spent about 30 minutes between the EXT, Phonix, and Elysium. I understand the hype and struggled to identify which one I would buy, which is a good problem. Probably the Elysium, because I’ve never been able to experience a DD being used for mids in a tribrid arrangement…and it’s the only one out of the three available in custom.


Thanks Sebstian for the update. Elysium makes sense. Can you recommend a place for trading/selling, because I would need to see one of my nice iems to order Elysium? Are you saying you might like Vision Ears more than Elysium?