FIIO Olympus 2 just died

My FIIO Olympus 2 amp/dac was working fine earlier this morning, then I walked away for a moment, came back and I had silence. I plugged my headphones into my computer’s aux port, got sound. Changed connector cables for the amp to see if the cable was the problem, still no sound.

Identifying clue(s) may be:

  • I began getting static but only when changing the volume.
  • I’ve only used Beyerdynamic DT770’s (80 ohm), so maybe they’re too much to power? (I honestly have no idea).

Solved the problem. My computer muted itself when I plugged in the amp, but not when I plugged into the aux port.

Have you checked that the USB port is okay?

I checked and it doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with it. I also never unplugged the USB-C side of the cord from the amp. I think I’ll just call the manufacturer.