Final Audio D8000 Pro Collector's Edition - Semi-Open Back Headphones - Official Thread

Expected to release in November, 2022. We have secured a limited number of units, only 200 are being made world-wide. As it is a collector’s item, sales are final and cannot be returned.

The D8000 Pro from Final Audio is one of the brand’s most prestigious items and one of the best high-end planar headphones on the market. Now you can get this phenomenal semi-open back headphone in a new limited edition style. This isn’t just a color variation, but a quality reconstruction of the D8000 Pro, with upgraded materials and 2 new cables. Only 200 units will be available worldwide, so if you’re a collector looking to grab what is sure to be a rarity headphone, you might not want to wait until the last minute to reserve a pair. Here is a list of all the new additions you can expect from this new variation.

  • Authentic Premium Matte Black Housing
  • Gold Plated Inner Meshed Plate of AFDS Driver
  • Alumite-Black Hanger Headband
  • Earpads Made from Washi Japanese Paper
  • XLR 4-Pin Silver-Coated Cable 3.0m
  • 4.4mm TRRRS OFC Cable 1.5m
  • Attache Case-Type New Carrying Case with TSA Lock

This collectors editions is available now for pre-order here.


If price point is any indication of their sound, at $4,799 I bet they sound really good.

Fwiw the regular pro version sounds great. Most organic sounding and textured bass I’ve heard so far.

Too bad they didn’t hint at what they actually improved sound wise


Ignore price when talking about sound. Solitaire P is 7k while while sus is 6 and sus is just on a higher technical level.

That said, d8kp (non-LE) is an already astonishing can just lagging very very slightly behind stuff liek sus and 1266 in detail. The d8k (og) is a beautifuly tunes can with amazong stage. Talking with final, the LE is supose to be half way between the OG and Pro tubing wise while stepping up the technicalities above the pro level. If this is the case, i genuinly believe the LE will be better than susvara for the vast, vast majority of people (and setups)

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Nice feedback here! Hope to get to try these out sooner than later.

Anyone with actual listening time that can compare the D8KP to the new Limited Edition?

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I think @GoldenSound will be getting a set soon to do a comparison.

well there’s only one real way to compare and that’s with your own ears :wink:


Looking forward to your write-up!

Hi guys. These look insane, just bought a pair and will have it soon to compare it with my grey D8K Pro.

Is there any chance that any of you guys (Resolve/DMS/Goldensound) are going to review them? Would love to see some measurements of the limited edition to compare it with the Pro. That way we’ll see how the new pads affected the sound and should be very helpful to EQ.