Beyerdynamic Headphones

This topic is for all things Beyerdynamic. There are a lot of models out there so I figured we could discuss them here. I’ll begin by giving some measurements of the DT 880 Premium 250 ohm.

DT 880 Premium 250 Ohm:

While the DT 880 250 ohm was one of the first ever ‘real’ headphones I’ve owned, I’m personally not a big fan of Beyer treble, but I know there are those who do like it. In general I have two primary complaints:

  1. Peaks at 6khz and 8khz - making this sibilant even though they are balanced with one another for the relationship between fundamental and harmonic tones. So while ‘timbre’ is intact, this is still too bright for me.
  2. The technical performance just isn’t competitive. The HD6XX (HD650) is clearly better for detail, and the HD560S is also a bit better and with a similar soundstage.

The one question mark in my mind is how well the 600 ohm performs on a good amp, but for the 250 ohm version, in 2020 I have a hard time recommending it.

Here’s the review:


@Resolve can you show a plot vs the HD650/HD6XX?

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Here you go:


Thanks! I had always assumed that the DT880 has better sub-bass extension than the HD650, but it doesn’t really, it just doesn’t have mid-bass hump.

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Well, it depends where you normalize. It’s definitely more ‘linear’ in the bass than the HD6XX, so in a way it doesn’t roll off as strongly, but at the same time it still does roll off and it’s a bit less in general.

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The midrange is so similar on these that it makes sense to normalize it as you have.


Yeah I usually do it around 1khz, but it turns out they match at around 300hz as well haha. You kind of have to see what makes the most sense for the various different ranges.

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The Beyer middle finger of tinnitus. Yup


Recommended for Zoom/Skype sessions.

Good review. I’m curious about the 600 ohm dt880 and was thinking about grabbing a pair.


I always have found climbing Mt. Beyer fatiguing. It might be the only mountain the climbing of which becomes less tiring the older one is. Maybe I should try them again? Nah.


Clever! :laughing: I like that


There are a couple of headphones that have been part of my basic equipment since the 80s and of which I’ve always had a couple at home since then, should one of them break I try to get one of these models back.

The DT880 is one of them.

Meanwhile I have the 600 Ohm Editions model.

Apart from sentimental reasons, I still consider these headphones to be the “best in class” audiophile cans in the price range around € 139-159, which is how much they usually cost here in Germany.

Does he have the famous Beyer peak that is clearly audible in your ears and / or could cause “pain”?

A little,
depends on which DAC / AMP combinations you drive a DT model from Beyerdynamik with.

For example:

Topping, S.M.S.L, ONKYO:
-In any case!

Questyle, Marantz, Burson:
-A little!

ifi Audio (when you press the “magic buttons”),

or various tube amplifiers (in my case a Feliks audio device), which are all more warmly tuned:
-Only depending on the sound recording.

Since the two last-mentioned devices are available to me in various versions, I don’t even have problems with the tonality of several Beyer headphones.

Beyedynamic also offers the option of “tuning” the sound.

Simply enter the following article number in the search area on the German website;


and the Amiron Wireless foam disc is displayed.
This part is standard in both Amiron’s, the TYGR300R, T1 & T5 3rd Gen.

In the USA, the protective disk can be ordered via the following service hotline:


This helps significantly to weaken the height range of the DT series, in a good way.
Without negatively affecting the other frequency ranges.

Especially recommended for the DT990’s & 1990’s.

As far as the DT880 600 Ohm Edition is concerned, i will probably always remain a “fan” due to its comfort, the sound properties, the price and its robustness.


The foam disc from the AKG K240 also works well to tame them a little, at least enough for me to listen to music on the 1990 without EQ.


With the 240 foam and a bit of EQ the DT1990 Pro gets a good amount down.


Drop has a sale :woozy_face:

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During a second conversation with Justin at ampsandsound I ended up with a 600 ohm version of the DT990. My Kenzie has a 600 ohm jack and he said there is a “mid-range magic” with that amp and the 990s.

I am really surprised how good a less than $200 headphone sounds out of this amp! What a deal.

The only other comparison I can honestly make is with the VCs, my only other headphones (ever). The 990s are an interesting second set for their weight and impedance matching with the Kenzie. I find them a little easier to wear as an “every day” headphone due to their light weight. There is a heavy clamp right now which I am working out.

I find them brighter than the VCs, but not quite sibilant. Certainly less slam and body than the VCs but a very balanced sound to me, and very clear at low level listening. I may experiment with some inserts in the ear cups after they have a couple hundred hours on them if they still need it.

Vocals in particular are gorgeous. Any one with a 600 ohm jack should consider these as a silly good value IMO.

They sound good also out of solid state, the Ragnarok 2 manhandles them in high gain at around 1-2 o’clock. But they sound even better out of the class A Asgard 2, it is a warmer amp to my ears and it tempers the high treble better. They do not sound so good at all straight out of my DAC, I think class D, flab, flab, flab. Horrendous really out of the DAC.

But the Kenzie is the best pairing IMO. And I actually like that they came with a long cord because I moved my Kenzie far away to get it on its own outlet so the long cord is great. Although it is noisy…

Just some feedback on a great value headphone for the right amp…

Happy listening!

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Glad someone else enjoys the DT990/600’s like I do! They definitely are great with good tube amps and are amazing considering the $200 new/$120 used price tag. When I used them with the Euforias, the bass hit especially hard and vocals were effortless.


Did you find the brightness mellows out at all over time with use?