Focal Clear Mg - Open-Back Dynamic Driver Headphones - Official Thread

I got a pair of the Drop Elex pads to A/B on my Focal MGs, and I really can’t hear a dramatic difference. Perhaps there’s a little more detail in the treble areas with the stock pads? The Elex pads seem, maybe, to integrate the different sounds such that each stands out slightly less from the others as compared with the stock MG pads.

Are folks really hearing a gigantic difference? Personally, because I like that detailed separation, I’m going with the original MG pads but again, for me it’s a difference so minute as to be possibly be fictional.

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I didn’t hear any meaningful difference in swapping my factory Clear pads with Dekoni velour pads either. I heard bigger changes on other headphones when swapping cloth/velour pads for leather/pleather pads. Smoother surfaces can reflect more treble and seem brighter.


Comparing the MG and the OG Clear, I definitely prefer the MG. The Clear and the Elex had some of that grating treble texture that I could not get over, even with EQ. And while EQ helped, it did not get rid of it completely. The MG on the other hand, to my ears just doesn’t have any issues with metallic/gritty texture. The Clear MG to me is even more deserving of the direct upgrade to the Sennheiser HD600/650 than the original Clear and Elex, due to the timbre improvement. But I can easily see Resolve and others preferring the original, the MG does sound warm compared to most cans.


Nice. What DAC and amp did you use?

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I’m using the RME ADI-2 DAC as both a dac and amp.

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Hey @Resolve , what in ear mics did you use for the Clear MG measurements? The ones I’ve been using for DIY measurements are not working anymore, wondering what I should replace them with.