Foot warmer induced noise?

What model are you having issues with?:
Foot warmer & STAX amp

Describe your issue with the most detail you can:

By some form of voodoo magic, a new foot warmer I bought induces popping and low frequency noise in my STAX amp. The weirdest thing is when I don’t have my foot on it, the popping and noise go away. It also goes away when I ground myself to my amp chassis, my DAC chassis, or even my freaking keyboard (metal case). Is there some cheap power filter type thing out there that will solve this issue? Or am I acting as some sort of human RF antenna and broadcasting interference to my amplifier through the STAX cable? I could just turn off the foot warmer, but I don’t like cold feet :frowning:

The foot warmer is a 200W model and uses a 2 prong outlet plug, no 3rd ground pin. The STAX amp, and my DAC use 3 prong plugs. My dynamic amp (THX 789) also uses a 2 prong. Everything is connected to power strips, foot warmer TV, subwoofer, and active speakers are connected to the upper outlet and all other audio gear and laptop are connected to the lower. All my junk probably comes out to 1000W or so total maximum power draw.

How long ago was it purchased?:

2 weeks ago (foot warmer)

Have you tried any other body parts besides feet?


Hands do the same. Have not tried any other body parts besides that.

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I feel for you, bro. I’m trying to eliminate noise - look for the iPad Hum thread. I’d start by running an extension cord to a different circuit in your house and plugging the foot warmer into that. Should help diagnose if you are an antenna, or if there is something else going on.


I’d start with getting rid of the foot warmer before it kills you.


What power strip are you using?
Let stated before plugging it separately into another electrical line is ideal. Make sure the two oulets dont share the same breaker/line.


That’s kind of the problem, every outlet near me shares the same line. I’ll try and find some extension cord to wire it to another room. I’m using some generic amazonbasics surge protected power strips.

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Those power strips could be limiting the full amount to each component constricting the fidelity. If you can I would try one that doesn’t like maybe a furutech or ps audio juice bar.