Power Discussion: Power cables, conditioners, regenerators, surge protectors, outlets, dedicated lines

I noticed that conversations on various aspects of improving the quality of the power to your amp randomly cropped up in different threads, which makes it difficult for people to find if they’re interested in this topic.


Awesome thread idea. :+1:t4:


The Cable Company has some Isotek power strips discounted this month. The Sirius is a nice one at $595.



Ill post some comparisons in this thread soon.

I have:

Shunyata research hydra alpha model 2 (HP)
Audioquest niagara 1000 (2ch.)
Ps audio juice bar (quality equal outlet power strip)

I will compare the conditiors vs. the power strip as this power strip is the same as plugging in the wall due to the wiring inside it making each outlet connected rather than in bunches or in unison like most power strips


I use Supra power strips, mostly because of their built in surge protection. I see this as a reasonable precaution against thunder strikes or other electrical problems damaging my equipment. Whether it has led to any sonic improvement, I honestly haven’t bothered to evaluate. At least it doesn’t sound worse as far as I can tell. Put me in the sceptically optimistic camp.


Truth be known, I was getting the tin foil hat treatment at first until I said I have photos of the overvoltages…Guess that is to be expected calling the utility company at 2am. :grinning:


That’s funny - the value of documentation and evidence. :grinning:


Is it worth asking Tyler @DarthPool to move the last few power-related posts to a new thread specifically for power cables, outlets, conditioners, dedicated lines etc? I think there are enough people who don’t think it’s a gimmick that we can stop polluting this thread. Honestly, I won’t believe it until I try it out myself but I will try most of the things being discussed - I’ve order a new (cheap) outlet, various power cables at different price points and I think I’m going to try the PS Audio power conditioner instead of a dedicated line since they’ll let me trade in my 20 year old receiver that’s gathering dust in the basement, and my wife won’t let me rip down the drywall.


I use four:

PS Audio Power Plant P5. (regenerator - old model, discontinued)
PS Audio Power Plant P12. (regenerator)
Audience AV aR2p (conditioner)
Isotek Polaris (conditioner)

Also use a variety of iFi power products as well.

Clean power makes a difference.

I have very clean power (SoCal Edison) compared to most places at just under 2% line noise THD. European power is very noisy.


There was some good discussion on this topic in the Is It A Gimmick thread, which is obviously the wrong thread because clean power is not a gimmick.

I noticed that discussion on this stuff pops up in random threads, often when someone buys something (like @Earmuffs’ recent purchase) , which makes it hard for someone to find useful information on the topic, so I created a new thread: Power Discussion: Power cables, conditioners, regenerators, surge protectors, outlets, dedicated lines

I’ll PM Tyler to ask if he wouldn’t mind moving some of the useful posts there.


Moved to other thread.


Thanks @rrwwss52, but if you could post that in this brand new thread, I think we’ll be in business: Power Discussion: Power cables, conditioners, regenerators, surge protectors, outlets, dedicated lines


I picked up a Furman power strip along with an ifi iPurifier and I was pretty astonished with what I heard; better dynamics and a cleaner, wider soundstage.

I’m hoping to upgrade to one of the PS Audio Regenerators in the future.

Another product I use is the ifi X-Power DC power supply for my Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2. I hear similar results using the X-Power over usb bus power as I did with the above mentioned setup.

Really appreciate this thread. :+1:t4:


And these for wall-worts.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXGxlCNBg1k most homes now have relatively clean power, so either just stick to the wall, or go all out with a proper regenerator. at least that’s what I think wrt conditioners.


Keep in mind that the category we are discussing is not just about ‘conditioning’ power, but also about power distribution and delivery, protection as well. Most of us have more gear than outlets, and cannot directly dock components into the power grid without cabling to make the connection.

That said, noise and ac waveform distortions are bad for audio, and can be mitigated. There are quite good products in tnis category, along with many me-too product of uestionable value and performance.

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yes, hence why I limited my point of view to conditioners only. the youtube link is Paul answering the very question. I thought it would ‘add’ to the discussion. if it doesn’t, mb…

Sorry for not having watched the link prior to my posting the comment. I was not disagreeing with you or anybody, but bringing the distribution aspect to the table…

I am in the biz, and have multiple products from Isoterk, Shunyata, AQ and Furman in variuous systems throughout my home, bought with my own hard-earned $$.

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Relevant video notwithstanding title.

Ps audio makes a lot of power regenerators.
I’m sure his opinion is a tad biased. I watch his videos and like them a lot and he knows a lot more than me but he also is a salesman.I like their old power strips. I cant afford his power regenerator but if i could id definitely try one.

I think there are good conditioners and bad and most are the latter. However there are some that help a lot especially if you live in a busy area where the lines are clogged up. I live in a big city and “Quality” power conditioners help my system a lot. I wouldn’t buy a conditioner that retails under 1k mostly because that is the price point i mostly see that conditioners hit where there is no dynamic limitations.

Id try one out and if it works it works. If it does nothing then you are lucky you dont have to buy another extra thing on top of the rest of the expensive stuff that goes into a system.

One thing anybody can try is one night go to your breaker box if you live in a house and turn off all the breakers except for your room your system is in. Listen for an hour then turn them all on and go back to listening. If you hear a difference then you might benefit from something helping to clean up noise.

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Soon, Im going to do an in depth comparison between:

Audioquest niagara 1000
Shunyata research hydra alpha model 2
Ps audio juice bar power strip
Wall outlet

I’ll post my findings here. I also live right outside a huge city so my findings might be different from someone living in a rural area with less traffic in their lines.

I’ll let you all know soon, maybe the wall outlet will be best, i don’t think so but i could be wrong. I think anyway you go there will be pros and cons to each option.