For Oculus Quest and/or Oculus Quest 2

So I have a client that asked about sound for the Oculus. She has an original Quest. I saw in articles that the original Quest has bad Bluetooth, and not to use wireless.

I will be using them for: (Exercise with VR):

I’m sort of thinking about a Quest 2 myself, I figure I have a few that I can try.

I see that Amazon has some earbuds with no mic and short cords that is designed for the Oculus. Anybody have experience with them? There may be a few cheaper competitors.


The sound of the band isn’t that bad, but I’m using the Andromedas with their stock cable clipped to the band with no issues.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend money on Quest specific headphones.

I would highly recommend the Quest 2.

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LOL, Andromedas… I’m a FINANCIAL ADVISOR. I’m not sure I want to deplete my Assets Under Management by suggesting she pick up a pair of those. She got the Quest 1 about a year ago when they were on sale, I think, due to the 2’s coming out. For me, I’d get a 2.

I’ve got a new in the box KZ-ZSN that I offered to send her - she hasn’t really tried any IEMs before. And I know Koss has Porta Pro and Sporta Pro. She does mostly exercise, I don’t know if there is a need to talk to anyone with a mic.

So other than Andromeda’s (and I assume Solaris, - I’d thought of Audeze LCDi3 with the Bluetooth cable if I buy one) any BUDGET recommendations?



I didn’t mean the Andromedas specifically, just that literally any existing headphone will work without modification.

In ears would definitely work better, anything else would likely interfere with the headband. The KZs would work perfectly, and she could use a clip or velcro tie to take up the slack if she doesn’t want to the slack.


with the Quest 2 the band speakers are pretty good! but you can use any IEM and it works great! on Quest1 you have to have specific IEMs that have individual cables…

I love my Quest2 and I just packed up and gifted my Quest1 to my Brother and his family =)

Also, I highly recommend the upgraded headband for the Quest2! makes it much more enjoyable to use


Not that I have a Quest or know anything about them but randomly looking on Etsy the other day there was an adapter for attaching the PortaPro to it.

Sorry but I don’t have a link.

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I did see one page that listed the Porta Pro as a good headphone for it, but the idiots thought the headband was uncomfortable. Must have weighed heavily on their little heads.

I sent my unopened set of KZ-ZSN’s to my client today. I’d been looking to gift it since I got 3 sets last year. And maybe if I’m good, and I get a Quest 2, @Jaethan will send me a complimentary pair of Andromedas like he uses to try.


I use my Andromeda Golds when I work out and have no ragrats in doing so. I do love me some velcro clips and cables ties when there’s no built-in chin slider. Luckily, I exclusively use DUNU cables for their modular system and they also have excellent sliders for all their cables.

I’d recommend her trying those Kzeds and seeing how she likes the feel of IEMs, then perhaps stepping up to something from Westone or Shure because of the form factor/comfort with the added addition of their Bluetooth cable that you can get. Something like the UM Pro 10!


Well they were sent to here the other day, and I’m waiting on a report. Those KZ-ZSNs are not bad, I did keep one pair for myself. If she likes them, I was thinking of recommending something a bit better.