For Sale Only: Focal Clear MG Pro

These are used Focal Clear MG Pro’s. I bought them back at the end of March from Amazon.

I used them quite a bit but always at normal volume range (below 90db always). They sat on a stand every day I was not using them. I kept all the original packaging and box to go with them.

I am selling them unfortunately because I have a bad skin reaction to the fenestrated pads. I washed the pads once to try and see if that would help and it did not. These sound amazing and I am very sad to give them up - but I can’t comfortably use them anymore.

Because they are used the pads are definitely discolored (due to oils from my skin). Again - I did wash these once. The nice thing is that these come with replacement pads that I have NEVER used or even put on the HP. That is the reason I have priced these just under 1k. I am very firm on the sale price as there is nothing at all wrong with these other than 1 set of used pads.

Please PM me with any questions!


US Dollars
Prefer Paypal only.

Ships to:
Ships to US residence only.

I will cover the shipping cost if paid through paypal. Anything else, let’s PM about it first.



Sold on 10/15/21

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