Found: Meze Empyrean black

Currency: usd
Ships to: usa

Looking for Empyrean in black in good condition.

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I have to ask. What do you do with all these headphones you swap?

I listen and if it doesn’t serve me correctly I sell. I’ve narrowed down my amps to WA33EE and WA2. DAC’s narrowed to Cipher and May KTE. Headphones are Solitaire P Rad-0, LCD X, Aeolus VC and Eikon. The hook up is WA33 with May and WA2 with Cipher. The planars are used on WA33 and WA2 handles the dynamics.

If I could have auditioned everything I’ve ever owned I’d have more change in my pockets. I bought stuff then sold realizing I didn’t have the correct synergy later on.

My setup above is my ideal synergy.
I started buying used this last week and am having fun with 2nd hand products.

Coming are Bottlehead Crack, May KTE(sold Spring 2 KTE), VC camphor burl and nice looking Eikon.

I don’t think there’s enough space to list everything I’ve ever had.


Bought a pair off headphone member

What does the Solitaire bring to the table in your lineup? Does it do - what - anything better than the others? Cheers.

I feel it’s better headphone don’t ask me to explain. All I will say is 1266tc and Solitaire p are my favorite planars.

I thought your question was reasonable and a response could potentially have been additive for the community.

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I’m not in the mood to answer

Thanks for the update and you’re not obligated, although your response doesn’t indicate if you’ll ever provide an answer. In which case, we’ll frame our expectations of your content going forward.

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Not to sound rude I’m just in one of my moments. I love promoting Solitaire. It doesn’t kill the other two kings. The lack of shows is keeping it in the back at this point. Also I need my WA33 Elite back from repair to sit down and compare the 1266. On the Susvara I don’t like the build and doesn’t have bass vibration like 1266 or Solitaire. Susvara is best used for acoustic music where the other two play to all genres.
Solitaire has detail that is clear and non fatiguing. Imaging and soundstage is amazing vocals are natural. Micro and macro details are pin point on the stage. Bass never bleeds into mids and is strong.


Thanks and hope you get your WA33 Elite back soon.

I can´t find much info on the T+A headphones… So thanks! and to be clear I think the more affordable Solitaire P-SE which I´m actually interested in is almost as good as the “bigger brother”.

The info is on Head Fi under summit. It’s a headphone you buy from a store front. I purchased from House of Stereo from recommendation of the US distributor. There are plenty T+A dealers by me but Joe is highly recommended. Also he has online store you can check out. I bought the whole line the se are good.

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thanks, I´m from austria, so not far away from T+A. A lot of equipment, esp. amps, talked about on forums and YT channels comes with extra cost and retailers are limited with their offerings. Funny but a german reviewer has the same three headphones on his throne…

I listen to Solitaire the most.

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The Solitaire is trippy with edm I get memories of sounds from taking LSD and X as a kid. Yes, I partied. Every sound has it’s own location so nothing really bleeds together. One sound tricked my brain into sounding far away into my head. It’s cool with EDM because things happen all over the place. Rock metal and acoustic is placed normal across the stage you still get separation which leads to amazing detail.

Only negative is it’s not airy but not dull there’s sparkle if the track calls for it.

also you don’t need a power plant to drive them. I like them even more on power plants but not necessary. I’m using Holo Audio Cyan which is a DAC/Amp with not more then 1.5 watts and at a higher volume does really good.

Funny again… It´s kind of hard for me within these audiophile circles and the music to which most of them refer to. I actually listen, at least at this point, mainly to electronic music but again not audiophile electronica. So I´m actually really interested in equipment for trippy music…
Grew up around the early 90`s so techno, later D&B came on and “digital/electronic/computer music” progessed substantially. And as I remember from the days of being a youngster myself I feel LSD is more powerful in getting one truley emerged and letting one being part of music than any equipment. Not sustainable though, so amazing playback equipment is it.
Using the Clear I think I stay with low impedance cans and rather deversify by getting a planar next than a ZMF headphone.
You don´t have an opinion on LTA´s MZ 3 by chance?

I went through different phases of edm all started with cheesy stuff then into industrial followed by techno tribal and a lot more now I’m listing to dub step and drum & bass.

great, wasn´t too much into jungle in the early days but lot´s of d&b that´s coming out since a few years is at the top of my list as well.
So I was looking for people talking about bass performance of cans/amps/dacs thinking such ones would get me to great synergy for that kind of sounds (closed back dynamic like an Eikon). But I get the feeling having a really capeable headphone which is able to deliver will tick more boxes. Solitaire and tube amp maybe… Thanks for getting back!