FS: A&S Bigger Ben

Price: 3600
Currency: U.S. via Paypal invoice
Ships to: U.S.
I have a Nautilus inbound on a knee jerk purchase, go figure. Stock tubes. It’s an amazing amp, hits hard, very versatile amp. This is one of the first batch made at the beginning of last year. Only flaw is the clear coat of the lacquer has cracked (it’s not a flaw, it’s only cosmetic, confirmed with Justin). The other big thing you get is the support from Justin. I personally think he’ll do anything for you, point you in the right direction, educate you on the wrong information, personable and really enjoys his amps and his work. I wish his amps were my first choice when I started this whole craziness. Big, giant Seahorse case and shipping box that it came in included.


I can’t say anything specifically about the Bigger Ben, other than that’s an excellent price.

But I do have 2 ampsandsound amps (Pendant and Nautilus, which is the next model up from the Bigger Ben) and just wanted to say that whoever buys the Bigger Ben will get excellent customer support that you’ve likely never experienced before, unless you already own one of Justin’s amps.

Justin is very accessible via email, and if your questions are complicated, he’s probably going to ask if it’s OK to talk to you on the phone, rather than email back and forth. And then he’ll patiently answer every question you have and probably a few that you hadn’t thought of. As an example of this, I emailed him to ask him what tubes sounded good on the Nautilus, and he called me and not only gave me some recommendations, but also took me step by step through how to search for tubes on ebay. What a class act.

Speaking of tubes, if you’re new to tubes and concerned about the comment that the KT88’s probably need to be replaced, don’t be concerned. You can get advice from Justin and also on the ampsandsound thread in the forum, and be able to replace them with very good tubes, no matter what your budget is. I personally like NOS Tung Sol 6550’s but the stock JJ KT88’s were also very good, at a fraction of the price. And I’m sure all the other forum members have their favorites too.


I’m removing this post as the information is dated. Thanks.


This is a beautiful looking Amp Roikyou. GLWS


Removed as information is dated. Thanks


Congrats. This might help with the tube noise: Noise ad microphonics in vacuum tubes.


That link certainly helped with my tube noise.

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Good to hear. It’s worked for me also.

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That will give me some more reading to do…

I want to bring this post back up again. I’ve dropped the price and open to offers. I have a Nautilus coming, kind of a knee jerk deal on my part, probably shouldn’t have but it’s done. Thanks.


Price drop, see if I can get some interest. Thanks


Someone please give this beauty a nice home. This is a great price and a real killer amp.