FS Custom Whammy amp Chassis

Price: $750
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

I made a limited run of 5 of the Whammy cases that I designed. They are numbered and I am not planning to make any more. There is one left that I am listing here. You will have to get the kit and build up the board or have the amp builder on etsy build it for you. I can help with telling him what you need if you go that route. The case comes with the IEC, power switch, headphone jack, volume knob, and LEDS that light the indicator in the volume knob. The case that I am selling is anodized black rather than the dark grey that is in these pics but everything else is the same. Iā€™m asking $750 shipped in the US for the the case. I will ship internationally but shipping will be based on actual shipping.

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