XI Audio Triple Stack

Price: 4,000
Currency: USD
Ships to: North America

Have Formula S Powerman and Sagra DAC up for sale need to fund purchase of Woo Audio WA33 so if you thought about getting best solid state for the 1266 headphone then look no further got all three units last month from Abyss. Very clean setup good body to the sound tested all my headphones on this amp which include 1266 Phi TC, RAD-0, Empyrean, HEDDphone, Final Audio D8000 Pro Edition, and Verite. All sound Amazing.

I posted this on Ebay I’d like to avoid eBay fees and just deal with PayPal fees. The eBay post doesn’t show the DAC but I’m placing the three all together for $4000+shipping.

Included is original boxes with certificates
Power cord to connect Formula S to Powerman
There are no power cords as the units do not come with them.

I used power cords purchased from Amazon.


Is that a Denafrips Ares 2 on the top of that stack? Because if I’m right it means I can identify HiFi gear from behind and an angle, and I really need to get out more.

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Yes That’s the Ares 2 on top the smallest of the bunch but heavy. I’m selling it.

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I sent you a PM. I assume you didn’t see (or ignored it). Either way, a response will be highly appreciated.


no my daughter is on my iphone and haven’t checked my email account yet. I’ll check now.

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I checked but don’t see it in my inbox. Did you send it from headphones forum because I only have headfi.org pms?

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man you should take a nap, and some tylenol for this… I hear it can be painful for some… cramps and what have you…sorry you have this… I’m pulling for you!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:LOL

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Is this still for sale? thanks

Sold it…