FS: Denafrips Ares II DAC

Price: $700.00
Currency: USD, Paypal
Ships to: USA & Canada

I was trying something new and bought this DAC to experiment. It turns out I didn’t like the sound of it as well as what I already had in 2 different systems at home.

I bought it new from Vinshine Audio (authorized dealer in Singapore) on 2/20/20 for $768.00 (the current exchange rate at the time). I received it on 4/15/20 (2 month backlog at the time).

I only put about 2 hours of use on it before deciding not to keep it. With Covid-19 stuff happening I wasn’t sure what I could do with it, sell it or keep it. I’ve decided to try and sell it now.

I never registered the unit, so it can be registered as new. So, full warranty. New condition otherwise.

You pay for shipping and insurance. I will only ship to verified PayPal address.

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I’d be interested in grabbing this if it is still available. @taronlissimore can vouch for me.


Yes, it’s still up for grabs. It’s just waiting for its new owner to show up.

What’s the next step for us now?

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Ah, I didn’t read the footer of this notification that I could reply to you here.

Yes, it’s still available. Do you have any other questions I CSN answer?


I still have this DAC available for sale. If anybody is interested in it and wants to make me an offer I will consider it.

Steve Guttenberg made a good review of it here:

I sent you a DM earlier today, interested in this unit!

It’s been quite a while since you posted this but I noticed it still hasn’t been marked as sold so I have to ask, is the DAC still available?

To be honest, I had forgotten about my post here. Yes, it is gone, but not sold.

There was so little response here that I gave it to a friend of mine. He loves it.

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