FS: Open-Box Rosson Audio RAD-0 Headphones (The Hamptons, Saturn)

Price: 2050
Currency: USD
Ships to: Everywhere


We’ve got 2 Rosson Audio RAD-0 Headphones Open-Box for sale. They’re listed for $2350 on the website but for our forum we have them at $2050. Each headphone is in perfect condition (the Red Rum is sold).

Can provide more pictures of The Hamptons and Red Rum. The Saturn is at our US warehouse currently.


That’s an awesome deal!

The next step up from these, planar-wise, in my opinion is the LCD-4 … at double the price (and needing EQ to be as neutral) … and I liked them better than the Meze Empyrean too.

For those not paying attention, you can see which unit is which from the names of the images (click on the image, and look at the bottom left).

Also, I think the “Red Rum” are actually the “Blood Moon” … (that’s what the filename says at least!).


Red Rum or Blood Moon. Alex let us name the headphones so when I was doing the images I had Blood Moon in my head but then when I was doing the product listing I thought Red Rum was more appropriate (I think that’s what Alex was calling them as well).

Really the actual names of the RAD-0s are their numbers out of 100 and the names are whatever you like to call them.

I’ve got the one I designed currently named the RAD-0 “Taron”


That’s a fantastic deal on these one of a kind superb, near LCD-4 like headphones. I’d be all over a set if I didnt already own #28 ( Azure Twilight ). I’d cashed in my Empyrean to obtain my pair … while the Empyrean are remarkable, I find them flat or unexciting sounding… much more gratification from the RAD-0


Are these in the Seattle area? Thanks

The “Saturn” set looks like it is in Blaine, WA. The other two I am assuming are in Vancouver, BC.

The only set I know of in Seattle is my personal set (which doesn’t mean there aren’t others), but those aren’t for sale.

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Is the Saturn the first edition as shown on the Rossen web site? These would be my first choice but the Red Rum,Blood Moon might change my mind if I could see more pictures.

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As far as I know, yes - since there are only “First Edition” headphones to this point, and they’re all unique.

@taronlissimore would have to help you with more pictures.


Yes it is the first and only edition of the Saturn.

I don’t have more pictures of it unfortunately as it is in our US warehouse and not in the office. I do have more pictures of Red Rum and Hamptons though.

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I would like more pictures of Red Rum, It would help me to decide. Thanks

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Just sent you a PM.

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RAD-0 sounds solid and right amount of details , they are beautiful , but I like 's RAD-0 Taron one most :joy:


Hello and welcome @Chadwick.

At this price they very good buy, $550 of List, they are really great headphones. Personally I see them as the underdog of current Premium Headphones. They are very easy to drive, fantastic detail.