FS: Reduced to $269 Drop/Sennheiser HD6XX with extras

Price: $300
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere. Shipping including for CONUS.

A used pair of Drop (Massdrop) Sennheiser HD6XX headphones. Fair amount of use, but not much the last 15 months.

Includes original box, original pads, original SE cable (3.5mm termination) and 1/4 inch adapter.

Plus : Hart Audio cable with 4-pin mini XLR termination ($50 value) with 2.5mm balanced interconnect ($15 value). Buyer can pair with any Hart Audio interconnect, which are modestly priced. For example, XLR or 4.4mm is $20.

Plus : Drop fenestrated sheepskin pads, which increase comfort and add a little to the bottom end. ($70 value)

Payment: Venmo preferred. PayPal F&F okay too.

Reduced: $269

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