FS: Sennheiser HD700

Price: 400
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US

I’m selling my pair of HD700 in an effort to thin the herd. This is the second pair of HD700 that I’ve owned over the years and I absolutely love how comfortable they are. I just bought a new pair of Dekoni fenestrated leather pads for these and they are even more comfortable than the stock pads. I don’t have the original packaging, but I will include a small carrying bag. I will also include the original pads (they are flaking, but I will include just incase), the stock 1/4" cable, a custom balanced 4-pin XLR cable, and the Dekoni pads box and receipt.

I am asking for $400 shipped within the continental US.


Price drop to $375 shipped within the US!

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Didn’t you say that you regret selling yours @TylersEclectic yesterday?

Here you go…