HD700 Dekoni pads just launched on Massdrop

Like the title said! I’m super stoked for these, I’m a big fan of the HD700, and I’ve :honeybee: n asking for these for awhile! And they might get to me before my birthday! I have the elite hybrid pads on my HD800 and I have pairs for the 58x jubilee, Fostex X00 PH! Anyone else pad roll? I do it mostly for the aesthetics and comfort, I found the sound changed but not enough to make me dislike them.


Thanks for the tip. Just ordered a set with Fenestrated Sheepskin…

Have the Elite Hybrids on my HD 800(s). Figured I’d try these.

Edit: Decided to go with Elite Velour instead. Comfort decision.

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Don’t have the HD700, but I will put in my vote for Dekoni pads. I have the Elite Hybrid TH-900 pad on my Hifiman HE560 and it’s wonderful.

Thought about getting one of their Focal ones too but not sure if I’ll like the sound change and the price of them are pretty steep.

quick and dirty pictures with the new pads on the HD700. These were a MF’r to get on though, not as bad as the HD800 but it was not fun to say the least. So far I don’t mind the sound profile, a little warmer and wider…not sure on that last bit, need more listening time. Surface area of the pads is much bigger and takes some getting used to, also the pads are literally warmer on the head. I’ll leave them on for a bit before attempting a pad swap (not looking forward to that bit).

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Man you’ve some cool looking stuff. Love the TMHT statue.


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I love me some TMNT! Donatello is my favorite.

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