FS: SOLD: Topping D90 DAC (w/MQA)/Topping A90 Amp

Price: 750 for D90; 400 for A90
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

For sale are (a) a rarely used Topping D90 DAC with MQA decoding; and (b) an A90 headphone amp. The units were purchased just 3 months ago - my upgrade fever is your opportunity.

Will also include two foot-long XLR interconnect cables to join the two.

The units are in beautiful shape, works perfectly, and each includes includes the original box, manual and cables. The D90 DAC also includes the remote and Bluetooth antenna.

I’m new to selling in this community but a long-time seller on eBay with a spotless record as a seller - stuartr1 on eBay

Will pack carefully and ship anywhere in the US. Shipping is an additional $30 for each unit (but if you have a cheaper method that pans out, happy to go with it). Will accept PayPal.

Any questions? Drop me a note.


I also have a second D90 unit purchased 3 weeks earlier, if you’re interested.




  • My second DAC sold elsewhere, so I only have the above D90 and A90.

  • I’m going to have to increase shipping to $55 - that’s the actual cost at the lowest rate I could find.


Please WITHDRAW this post - no longer for sale here.

Congratulations. People usually retitle their posts “SOLD: …”

I think you have permission to do that.

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