Garage Sale: ALL SOLD NOW

Garage Sale All sold but the Beyers…

I picked up a lot of stuff over the last few months to try out and compare. I think I have settled on the system I am going to live with for awhile so unloading all of this to help pay the bills. Prices include economy shipping. Members can pay however they like, Venmo, PayPal friends & family, or check.

Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition 600 ohm – I love these headphones, but I especially loved them out of the 600 ohm tap on my Kenzie. Now that I have an Ovation with 300 ohm, it is only about 80% of that and I actually barely prefer the HD6xx which I am keeping for the bedside rig. Anyone with a 600 ohm tap on a tube amp will love the magical mid-range these have. As new, Mint condition with box etc. $180 shipped

** SOLD Sennheiser HD820** with two sets of Dekoni pads and stock pads, box, all cables etc. These are not mint condition but show signs of use on the plastic bits of the headband etc. I’ll send pictures to anyone sincerely interested. I do not need to describe these for this crowd. I bought them locally just to try out and they just are not to my taste, but any detail and big stage fanatics will be very happy. Or maybe anyone that goes to the trouble of EQ. $1325 shipped

SOLD Schiit Audio Modi Multibit I bought this from an established member during my budget DAC quest but now that my big DAC is home again I do not need it. Great condition with original box and power cord. $200 shipped

SOLD Schiit Audio Modi 3+ same as above, purchased in January from Schiit. I am really impressed with this $99 wonder. This is the Unison USB version. Mint with original packaging etc. $80 shipped.

Message me any questions you may have.


Giving this a bump before I go to eBay…

Schitt 3+ Sold locally