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Check out the Modhouse Argon. They have some really good bass and only cost around $350 on the used market. Super comfy too.

Another good one with tons of low sub bass are the ZMF Eikons. Great with your taste of music.

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thanks, i didn’t know they made headphone i thought only iems

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you just reminded me that i purchased a set of t50s to send to them. Ok back to saving for ZMF at least we;ve narrowed down which ZMF Eikons or the Aeolus

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There is a used pair of Eikons on US Audio Mart


I would look into reading about both as they do very different things. Aeolus are my favorite between the two. But if I wanted to listen to electronic music the Eikons would be King! I think they would work great with Rap and R&B too.


What’s the go-to must-have open headphone under $1500?

Tell me the answer. Now.

Sennheiser HD800S or ZMF Aeolus. Have both. Two Aeolus in fact. Listening to the Zebrawoods right now. HD800S is the daily driver.


Have the HD800S on loan at the moment. Great sometimes, and not my thing for a lot too. So not sure. Have you tried with different pads? Dekoni Hybrids?

And had Aeolus while ago. They were nice enough.

What didn’t you love about the Aeolus? What amp? I demo’ed the Focal Clear for several weeks before getting the Aeolus and thoroughly enjoyed them. More incisive and sharper detail retrieval from what I remember. Personally I found them a bit fatiguing after several hours of listening. Definitely less warm than the Aeolus, but still very fun (in a totally different way).

I use Pc -Audirvana-Denafrips Pontus - amp Magni.
Do I need something like Raspberry Pi for better sound?


Per my recent research, Pi audio systems use Burr-Brown, TI, and other conventional DAC and amp chips. These are then patched together with a Pi for control, but are not fundamentally different than a purpose-built DAC or amp. Some of them are oddly cobbled together while others are thoughtfully designed, so YMMV.

It really comes to what you mean for better sound.
I’m sorry but Raspberry is an headless micro computer that can be adapted to music listening (I’m using it right now with a Bifrost and an Asgard) but isn’t a music transport (IMO) in comparison to what you get from Audirvana.
Consider that if you use the standard power supply with a Raspberry Pi you’ll have a lot more electrical noise problems than with your computer.
Audirvana with Sys Optimizer turned on isn’t bad at all.
Just my opinion.

That’s my point .Is Pc so bad source for playing music?

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Depends on what the raspberry pi is for. If you’re going to get like a pi2aes and use spdif out, it might. i am not a wizard around all the zeroes and ones and usb and optical and stuff yet. but you can use a raspberry pi for a whole bunch of things and it would help to know what you have in mind. the replies indicate as much i think.

but if i had something fancy like a denafrips pontus, i’d upgrade the magni first.

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PC’s not a dedicated transport for digital music but a software as Audirvana can help a lot.
The Raspberry as headless pc can work well as much as you don’t stress it with a program as Volumio which has too many features and few useful things.
Moode or Rune Audio can work well on a Raspberry since are simple software that do one thing: feed digital music.
A Raspberry can be an inexpensive add to a digital chain.
But you pc with Audirvana (Sys optimiser on) can do the job as well.
Think more about synergy and focus on the points you feel are weak.

I think I’m now on the search for a open back Z1R :stuck_out_tongue:

Something big strong bass, and bit laid back treble.

Focal Clear! Go on, give it another go.

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Buying the Verite again. Didn’t work out.
Buying the Z1R again. Did work out.

Running a 50% success rate here on repurchase haha.

I can’t do the Focal line. Stiff body and headband structure, instant headache for my big noggin

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why didn’t it work out , if I may ask