Grado sr225e opinions

Good afternoon!

I have owned the same pair of sr60’s for at least 20+ years and I think I’ve finally come to the point that they have to be retired. Without taking apart the plastic housing, I think that the surround on one of the drivers is beyond hope. I love the sound and even though that there many headphones that are around $100 that are good, they just don’t have the qualities I enjoy with my Grados. Now to my question…

I have come across some sr225e’s for what seems a pretty decent price (around $160) and was wondering if anyone could give me some appreciated advice on if…

  1. If the price is good for a gently used pair of sr225e’s
  2. If they are that much improved over the sr60’s
  3. If it’s not a good purchase, should I buy a new pair of sr60’s or is there another alternative to the
    sr225e’s that have a comparable Grado sound signature for around the $160 price range.

Thank you.


The Grado line is confusing because they change the sound signature (also called tuning) with different models in the same line.

The SR60e and SR80e have similar tuning but then things change with the SR125e and above.

The tuning is different than things like being more detailed or better imaging. The basic sound of the headphone is different.

If you like the SR60’s I think you would keep what you like by buying SR60e or SR80e. If you go with other models in the line you may or may not like the change in the sound.

Also, you may have an earlier version (perhaps ‘i’) while the current SR60/SR80 are ‘e’ versions, so you won’t find an exact replacement in a new headphone.


Thank you for the reply. I know the 60’s have better detail on the upper end with weak bottom end and the 80’s are the opposite. I haven’t seen much in the way of trust worthy reviews of 125’s, 225’s and 325’s. I just know that the drivers are matched within a finer tolerance than the 60’s and 80’s. I saw these 225e’s and decided to ask for some help.

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Hopefully some other folks here will be able to give you more info.


Hi hecubus23,
I own the discontinued Grado SR80 and discontinued Grado SR225. I also own the updated SR80e and the updated SR225e. The old non-e versions of these have a relaxed in your face sound just as your old SR60 has. Each step up in model increases the price that brings increased details to your music.

Now, the modern e variants of these are a completely different sounding headphone. Much more sparkle in the highs and deeper bass. So, comparisons and discussions of the old vs new is difficult since my ears hear them as very different headphones. There are often times that I will listen to the older non-e variant because of the relaxed mellow sound that the old ones offer might just be what I am in the mood for. I thought I would sell the old ones when I got the modern replacements. However, I can never part with my SR225. They produce music that I would miss too much in a way that no other headphone does. The SR80 and SR80e however I could sell and I would not miss either one. So yes, I think the jump to a SR225e is very much worth the money. You might even look on eBay for the older SR225 since you liked your SR60 sound for so many years. It will be very similar but with increased detail.

If it were me looking to purchase SR225e, I would be comfortable waiting it out and paying around $120 for used. However, I can understand paying a little more if you need them sooner than a deal would come around. When Amazon sells the SR225e used, it sells between $130 and $170, but that is with what might be a long wait for a used one to show up on Amazon. So, you might use that as a gauge as to whether or not paying $160 is worth it to you.

I have every headphone that I have ever wanted to own in my collection except for one. That is the Grado Hemp. If you really can make the jump to $420, you may want to look into the Grado Hemp. Many have said that it is a tremendous value and some have even said that it is the best sounding Grado headphone ever made. I know this is way above your budget so you probably will not get the Grado Hemp but I just wanted you to be aware of it, just in case.


Hi, I’ve been a Grado headphone fan since the early 90s.

As a German, that’s something remarkable, as these headphones weren’t even available on the local market at the time.

Through contacts with HiFi fans and members of the US army stationed here in Germany, I had the pleasure of hearing my first Grado and in exchange for a Beyerdynamic DT880
(yes, they have been around for as long as they are still good)
I was able to get it to keep.

Since then, I’ve had the great pleasure of being able to listen to almost all the different Grado Headphone models that were available here in Europe.

But now to your question:
My advice would be to save your money first, and later to complete a real upgrade with a Grado headphone of the “wood class”.

The sound of some of these models differs considerably from the SE series and then mostly sound much more relaxed and musical.

I finally picked three models:

First of all, which I really like in terms of sound.

Second, they clearly differ from one another in terms of sound.

And thirdly, I avoid bothering me in any way, either by peaking in the treble or by insufficient bass.

There are of course many more good models from Grado, but these three have impressed me the most.

Maybe you are wondering what the Koss KPH30i is doing with the G-cushions in between?

This may be my recommendation if your 60s should be broken and you have a cheap interim solution until you have saved the money (for a Hemp, for example) together.

Sounds strange at first, BUT, there is something about this combination.

For around $ 45-50 you can get a little “sound monster” delivered :+1:


Thank you for the reply.

For the “devoted” following that Grado has, it is very difficult finding objective reviews on the headphone line. As for the 225e’s I found and following your advice, I think I’ll keep my wallet closed and keep looking. I have also heard rave reviews about the Hemps. I have seen a review on YouTube recently about them and the reviewer suggested making a slight mod to allow aftermarket cables. I have seen them on Ebay used for less than $380, maybe I’ll take a better look at them.

Thank you for the information and advice!

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Funny you mention the KPH30i’s.

For the price and some easy mods, I have been looking into these a lot recently. I do own the KSC75’s and while the ear clip is really annoying, I do love the overall sound. I have heard nothing but praise for the 30i’s and with the G cushions, I might pick up a pair.

The Hemps seem to be the Grado to buy. Maybe I’ll pick up the 30i’s first and then get the Hemps later.

Thank you for the advice and reply!

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That’s the way I solved the comfort problem with the KSC75. Costs about 3 $ and 60 seconds of work.

When the opportunity arises, the headphones sit better on the ear and the bass is noticeably improved.

:musical_score: :clap: :+1:

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