Great braided MMCX replacement Cables

Replaced the stiff and uncomfortable Shure cable on my Shure SE-215’s. I decided to
Get a balanced feed braided cable. All I can say is I wished I had done this along time ago. I purchased a Tripowin C8 8-Core Silver Copper Foil Braided Cable with Tinsel Silver Copper Wire, a 3.5mm Plug, with the MMCX Connector. This cable is wonderful flexible as yarn, it feels so soft. I have never liked the over the back of the ear hook thingies the Shure cable has, very uncomfortable. The Tripowin just put a very flexible piece of heat shrink tubing over the part that goes back over the ears. Even with glasses you hardly know it’s there. There is a noticeable improvement in sound. A balanced cable is bit more efficient than a balanced cable when we are looking at 10’s of milliwatts every little bit counts.


Pushing the SE215’s to the next level. :+1:

I need to try that yellow foam tip. My favorite so far is the Shure EATFL1-6. It lasts 6 months and you can wash it quite often.

The Shure Yellow foam sleeves are great but they don’t last all that long, a couple of months in regulars use.

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You actually encouraged me to renew my stock on these tips:

30 bucks. :sunglasses: