Replacement/ upgrade cable for Shure se425's


I have some Shure se425’s and unfortunately, as shure’s seem to do, the ear molding wire has broken and starting to interfere with the signal on one side of the headphones. I’m looking for recommendations to replace the cable with a hopefully more durable one. I could use some replacement ear tips as well so if anyone has recommendations for some comfy tips, that would be great! I wear these roughly 6-8 hours a day so comfort is more of a priority than anything else. Budget for the cable is <$50, as I am hoping to buy two of whatever I get.


I have had good experiences with the Yinyoo cables. I got a balanced 2.5 mm MMCX cable for £30 which has been a great investment. It doesn’t have memory wire but it’s fine without. There are cheaper ones in its line up too. Very well built and good sound.


yinyoo it is! Thanks fallon!


Been using the Yinyoo’s for a couple days, they’re great! Thank you again!

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That’s great news. I found them to be very reliable and great sounding too. My cable is still going strong. Though I really baby all my gear. The construction is also great. Enjoy.


Hey Fallon! I’ve been using the yinyoo’s since you recommended them and I’m on to my second pair. They sound awesome but I’ve been finding that the cable seems to get stiffer as I use them and they become more frail. My last pair cut out on the left side after about 3 months. Have you been having a similar experience?

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Unfortunately yes, I have just replaced my cable. Though this seem the Achilles heel of the cable it did work great for 6 months for me and I have another on now. I would like more durability but a lot of the other similar priced cables don’t pass muster. The only other way is to get a custom cable made up which are significantly more expensive or learn to make my own. Making my own would be the best option by far. But alas I have the skill of a donkeys left hoof. :grin:.

I have other iems which I have paid much more for the cables but they are higher end iems. I don’t want to pay anymore for the Shure’s to be honest. My son has been using these and he is much rougher on them than me. Though he is learning with a little encouragement from me. :japanese_ogre:.

If I find another cable as good as this I shall let you know. Best of luck.

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Yeah thats about where I am with these cans too. Thank you for the response, always a pleasure hearing from you!

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@The_Alchemist I’d recommend NiceHCK’s cables as an alternative to the Yinyoo. The 16-core MMCX units that I picked up for my T2 Pro are soft as all getout and the weave makes it a pretty piece to look at. Length is just about perfect for pocketing a DAP/your phone and…no. ear. hooks.

At this point, I’ve practically replaced all of my 2pin and MMCX cables with NiceHCKs and haven’t had to seek a replacement or had any gripes whatsoever. They’re pretty solid units at the 20-40 USD range and seem to measure well, though I haven’t personally tested them…I’d have to stop listening to music first!

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I’ve been wondering about these cables myself. Thanks for the recommendation I shall try one of these soon.