Hagerman Audio Labs Tuba

Hey everyone, (haven’t been around much do to health issues) putting my Hagerman Audio Labs Tuba up for Sale asking $500 shipping included(US only), Thank You!image


You’re about a week too late for me (Bought 2amps and sold 1 of them this week already) otherwise I would have snapped it up. The Tuba is a great amp.
GLWS hope you’re feeling better.


Thank you @jthvac

Hope you are enjoying your amps!

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I’m dying to try those mini mullards in your pic! I was seriously considering buying one for the Vali2+ even though they pretty much cost as much as the amp, just because I want to hear one! But I sold the V2+ as soon as it arrived because a great opportunity came along.
I really want to try those tubes though, sigh…

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@Bob here here. Scoop it up quick like


@jthvac the Mini-Mullard’s are my favorite tubes, hopefully you’ll have a chance to try them in the future, do you have an amp currently that can use them? (6922 pin layout)

Can validate! @jb77 is legit a great dude! And a safe person to buy from :wink: