Headamp GSX Mini Headphone Amp & Preamp w/Aircom AC Infinity

Price: $1200
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Moving out my current stack to make room for some new gear. I really enjoyed this amp, absolutely top end for anything save Susvara. A very pleasant, inoffensive sound that tends to gel with every headphone I’ve tried in it. Very much a jack of all trades amp.

GSX Mini in Satin Grey with an ALPS Pot. Like new condition, no cosmetic damage at all. I am the original owner and it is under Head Amp’s warranty. Comes with all original packaging and accessories.

Including the Aircom Infinity at no charge if the buyer wants it. Don’t really have a use for it without the amp, so I have no issue including it if whoever picks this up requests it. Highly recommend it as it keeps the Class A amp cool.

No trades.

Price is PayPal F&F shipped & insured in the CONUS. Have sold on Headfi, Reddit and eBay, and can provide references if the buyer needs reassurance.

Hi - I’m interested in the GSX mini and I live in California. Where would the unit be shipping from?