Buy, Sell, Trade

Any progress on setting up a buy-sell-trade place on this site? I have a number of headphones that I’d like to sell or trade to get a little higher quality than I have. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy site where I could post my ‘phones?

I won’t bring up the unmentionable site that most are already aware of, as I don’t want to promote them here :wink:

I’ve had success on Canuck Audio Mart (aka CAM) here in Canada. There is a sister site named US Audio Mart (I believe that’s the name but you can also access the US site through CAM). It’s free to join and free to buy/sell.

I too was hoping that there would be some swap/for sale section. I have assembled a number of complete headphone rigs that I would like to offer as sets since I think the sound is better as a complete set.

Example of a current setup on offer: (home built PC as source) -> Straight wire USB cable -> AudioQuest JitterBug -> Schiit Modi 2 Uber -> Alpha Core RCA Micropurl silvers -> Schiit Magni 2 Uber -> Sennheiser HD 600

I have what I think are nicer/different amps, DACs, headphones, cables, etc. but this combo is one of the best I have found at this price point.

I hope others will post complete systems rather than just a single component or two.


This is something we are currently actively working on. Taking a bit longer than we thought it was going to.

@andrew is going to be chiming in a bit later with more details.

I would trust this place:

as well as

Good listening, JS

We’ve been looking for software to implement this properly and haven’t found a good fit yet. We had something called Sharetribe installed, but it didn’t end up working so we’re still in search mode.

We could do a really bare bones buy and sell without reputation but I think that’s an important component. My next step is to contact Discourse (who wrote our forum software) and see if they can build a custom solution for us.

It is really important to us to get this up and running. If anyone has a suggestion for out of the box software that would work with our current setup, I’m game to try it out!


Just a thoughy re including reputation on a “bare bones” buy &sell forum.

There could be links to feedback on other sites like eBay, head-fi CAM/USAM etc.

Head-fi had to incorporate links when they changed their platform. It could at least perhaps be a way to get started until the site has time to build up it’s own feedback.

It may be a bit hacky - but you could always have a seperate forum JUST for feedback. Each thread could then be for a single user and anyone could add their experiences to that thread.

Not exactly an elegant solution, but it would work as a stop gap until some clever rating system on our profiles is figured out?