Headphone Cables for sale!

Price: 1
Currency: USD

**Update: Dragon cables and wywires Platinum are sold. Only the danacable left
I have a few cables up for sale…
First up I have two 10’ Silver Dragon V3 in excellent condition for Audeze/Meze Empyrean/Zmf headphones. One terminates in a 1/4” Furutech jack, the other terminates in a balanced 4 pin XLR. Retail price for each of these is over $425+, I’ll sell them for $295 each, PayPal fees and shipping included in the US.

Next I have a Danacable Lazuli for the HD800.
It has a custom length of 11’ (which was extra $$) and it terminates in a dual 3 pin xlr. Very good condition also. $465 shipping and PP fees included in the ConUS.

I also have a Wywires Platinum for the HD800 in excellent condition. It is 7’ in length and terminates in a balanced 4 pin xlr. Looking for $385 shipping and PayPal fees included in the U.S.

That’s it for now, I might add a couple more later.