Help for a senior

First off thank you for reading this and I appreciate any feedback. I am wanting to buy an over the ear Headphone appropriate for my 97 y/o Mother. Features I am concerned with:

_ Charging station simple/easy to align headphone on. She is not able to use micro USB.

_ Accepts 3.5mm jack input, she is able to switch input from a line that comes from a TV and CD player and a line to a hand held Sonic microphone she carries for conversation. 3.5 plug needs to have easy access.

_ Volume is important along with clarity in the speech range.

_ Bluetooth is not needed. Less buttons and controls the better.

_Price range, it’s for Mom so rather not limit that, but she’s not going to be mixing soundtracks nor wanting paper weights on her head,so in some ways less may be better.

She has been using a $30, on the ear, headphone set and I am hoping that a better quality, over the ear, set with some noise cancellation and a little amplification will let her hear more. Her current setup already beats her hearing aids that were just purchased a couple years ago.

Any suggestions for a new Headphone will be appreciated and if you know of a hand held mic that is better than the Sonic SuperEar SE5000 I would appreciate that also.

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Hey there!

First of all-- congratulations to your mother for making it to 97! I’m sorry that I don’t an answer that meets your specs, but I wanted to ask: if she has hearing aids, have you looked at tying directly into them with an FM tuner/Bluetooth?

Thanks for reply, I was wrong about how long she has had, they are about 5yrs, oticon agil pro. Don’t know of way to do that.

I appreciate what you’re trying to do for your Mother. My folks are 90, so I get the issues. Except for my Mom - her hearing is getting worse, but her LISTENING was always terrible.

While on the Sennheiser website, I found this section, which you may want to review:

I don’t know what’s right for your Mother. The RS-195s look like they will solve a lot of problems, but they might seem complicated. I would bet that the Sennheiser customer service people would be of assistance.

For a simple headphone replacement, the eGrado looks very easy.

As far as different jacks, looking on any electronic website like Newegg you can find adapters that are very easy. I have have standard headphone to minis in use frequently.

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We’ll if not from Mom, where did you get your listening skills?

Thank you, looks to be very good resources.


Just my way of complementing you for your responce that I found to be very appropriate. You must have been listening well.

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I can second that Sennheiser’s RS line-up has always been my go-to recommendation for the elderly looking to do some TV listening. They are relatively simple to hook up and use.

A common issue with them though is that with smart tvs, generally the audio settings need to be changed for PCM output for it to work.

The RS 175 and RS 195 will both work great. The 185 is open-back so wouldn’t recommend those.

Thank you, much appreciated