Replacing the Sennheiser PX-100

The type of headphone I am looking for is lightweight, wired, on-ear see below

My price range is: <$250 prefer <$175

I like to listen to: All kinds of stuff except commercial Country.

I will be using them for: Travel, home, light exercise. (You can’t listen to headphones while playing table tennis or flying Stunt kites designed by my friend Dodd Gross)

Preferred Style: On the Ear or similar. Light weight.

Nice to Have:

  • Mic/Volume for use with iPhone

  • Folding or compact storage

  • Noise Cancelling

  • Removable or Replaceable cords

What I liked about the PX-100 - Decent sound, efficient, comfortable, good value
COMMENTS: I already have or have had quite a few headphones. I bought Grado SR-60e’s to replace my poor broken PX-100s, and I like them, but I’m looking for an alternative.

I have plenty of earbuds, and use the 1More Triple Driver wired’s a lot
I have 3 big headphones, I don’t want something for home/audiophile use
Not wedded to Sennheiser - I’ve never had Beyerdynamic phones and am willing to try something different. I have 2 small portable battery headphone amps, but should not have to use them. Also have Dragonfly Black but don’t want to have to use that either.

All suggestions except Beats considered.

I grabbed a pair of Massdrop Koss Porta Pro X headphones to replace my PX-100’s. Very fun sounding headphone that turned out to sound a helluva lot better than I expected. Gave me a “wow” moment right out of the box straight from my iPhone 6.

EDIT: Looks like only 12 hours left on this Massdrop purchase.

I’ve never used Massdrop. Had the first PortaPros - I think they came out as an upgrade for Walkman. What’s the difference between Massdrop and other models?

I assume you’re looking for a different sound signature? If not, why not just get these?

Was kind of thinking of an upgrade. I looked at those.

You may want to consider Senn Momentum 2.0. Not noise cancelling (but available at about double the price)
but very good isolation. Plays very Well from my iPhone 6s+, rated at 18 ohms. Ticks most of the boxes on your list.

On ear on in ear? I have the Senn PX-100’s too and like you I recently purchased Grado SE60’s for something light.

I have some Sony SBH80 wireless in-ear’s that I really like for around the house and around the yard but I’m also looking for some light on-ear ‘phones. I also use the Apple buds I got with my iPhone 7.

I read good reviews of the Mee Runaway 4.0 wireless, but haven’t tried them yet. I’m interested in seeing the recommendations.

These headphones have everything you are looking for. The Heil Pro Set 3 Studio Headphones was designed by Bob Heil for Joe Walsh. I know audio people who love these headphones when setting up microphones to check phasing. I have Bob Heil Pro Media headsets there is nothing better.

Thank you @jflores476 and @transmaster -
Looking for ON EAR - although might consider something that was not quite an earbud but sat just outside. My Senn PX-100s are history. Broken, but I hated to toss them. That’s done.

I have several IN EAR phones, vSonic, Etymolic, 1More, Skull Candy, and a few others.

Over ear gets warm, as has been noted elsewhere, and are big for travel. I’m not a fan of wireless, either. Those Heils look nice, but are over ear. If I wanted another pair of over ear, I’d consider them. (But then they compete with my old STAX, Senn 650s, and HiFiMan HE 560s

The SENN PXC 250-II, PX-200 II, Momentum II, Koss PortaPro KTC, Koss SP330, are the current contenders.

I’m intrigued by the Nuraphones, but don’t want to spend $425 today…
At the top of my price range, the AKG N60NC looks interesting - it’s either small for an over ear or large for an on-ear, or something in between. Don’t know anything about AKG phones.

I don’t see anything in my wheelhouse from AudioTechnica.
THANK YOU ALL FOR SUGGESTIONS!!! I Look at them. I WILL be getting something. When I make up my tiny mind.

Have you checked out any of the on-ear offerings by V-Moda?

Definitely not considered a “neutral” house sound, but supposedly a fun option. Supposed to be built very solidly as well.

If you liked the 100’s and their setup I would definitely recommend an upgrade within the family and go for SENN PXC 250-II or PX-200 II. I owned a pair of PX-200 a long time ago and loved them.

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That’s how I’m thinking. But you know. Open Headphone, Open Mind.

I can hook you up with a coupon code that would save you $80 on the nuraphones. With that being said, I’m not sure if the nuraphones would be a good fit for what you’re looking for. When you say “light exercise” what are you referring to? The nuraphones require a good fit/seal for proper sound and to remain comfortable so they are best used when the body is upright (sitting/standing) while not making quick movements. They are fine for walking but anything more vigorous than that and they’d likely not work well.

The nuraphones do not fold up but the cable is removable. They come with a hard storage case that works well for protecting the headphones and storing the cable(s) but it’s not very compact so they may not be ideal if you’re planning on hauling them around regularly.

The nuraphones do have mics used for phone calls but they only work if you’re connected via bluetooth and not a wired connection (the exception being the optional Apple lightning cable which also has volume controls on it).

The nuraphones have passive and not active noise cancellation (since they’re both in-ear and over-ear the passive noise cancellation is quite good).

Hope that helps!

The nuraphones are interesting - but I almost would want to try them somewhere first. They look like you either love em or hate em. Light exercise? Mowing the yard with a push mower. Possibly, if I feel insane, using the ski machine.

Both of those activities would likely be fine since your head wouldn’t be doing anything too crazy (at least physically speaking – I won’t presume to know what’s going on inside). And yeah, spending $360 on a set of headphones is a tough decision to make when you haven’t heard them before but you can try them for 30 days and return them within that time-frame if you dislike them for whatever reason (that’s what ended up convincing me to take the plunge since I wasn’t risking anything).

I have the 100’s and the 200’s. I can’t tell that much difference between them. I regret not getting the legendary HD25’s when I had the money. I believe the latest version is between $150 and $200 now.

But both the PX100 and the 200 are light and easy to carry. They fold up nicely and seem pretty durable.

Anyone have experience with the HD25 models? Are they worth it?

I’m doing a cheap experiment. Went on Ebay and made a lowball offer on some used Sennheiser MM 450-X Travel headphones from an electronics recycler/reseller with a good rep. We’ll see what happens. These are difficult to find new, Crutchfield puts them as no longer available, although they are on the Sennheiser site. HiFi Heaven in Wisconsin has them, and that’s all I could find online in the US new. Never dealt with HiFi Heaven. I tend to buy from B&H, Newegg, and sometimes Tiger Direct if I can’t find a local store to patronize.

If I get them and don’t like them, it’s only Fifty bucks. If I do like them, it’s only Fifty bucks!
If I’m not sure, I can still keep looking.

I’d be interested to know how you like them.

They arrived broken. No noise canceling. I’m sending them back but looking for others online.

I had the px 100 ii and moved onto Urbanite On Ear. To me, there was a pretty big difference in sound quality with the Urbanite being better. They probably weigh about 3-4 times as much, but I wouldn’t say they’re heavy,they fold, have a mic and volume control (Android version OR iOS version), and removable cable. The isolation is pretty good, I can still hear music playing over the gyms speakers but I find I can still sort of zone out to whatever is playing through my phone. Velour pads, so sweat could be an issue.

I can’t remember how much I got them for, I think it was around the same price as the px 100 ii, $100 (AUD), but I bought about a year later.