Help with finding a budget headphone to rule them all

This is my first post!
I want to find a decent headphones to replace my current use of my 6 year old skull candy aviator headphones.
I will connect the headphones into a scarlett solo sound card that is connected to my pc, and im using headphones mainly for music creating and gaming, along with just plain listening to music (soul, r&b, jazz, funk, disco, etc)
Thus i need to find a pair of headphones that will allow me the comfort and surround system that is very important in gaming, along with the accurate enough sound to be able to edit and create music with (i am using cubase to create music) and have them sound beautiful so i will have good time listening to music with them.
I thought at the start of just gaming headsets like the logitech g pro (99$) but then i realized that probably gaming headsets won’t cover good enough the rest of my uses, plus that they take extra money on the microphone connected to these headphones which i have no need to ( i have a good enough microphone with my akg c214 that i record with).
I don’t even know how to start looking and thus i thought the best move for me is to reach out here for help!
my budget is of 100$~ and i really hope someone could help me figure what will be the best for me!


Those new akg headphones @metal571 likes might fit the budget. Metal?

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I believe it was these he referenced.


Yeah! Them are those.

Or those are they.



It will help if you define a sound signature as well. E.g.: neutral, dark, v-shaped, bright?

Anyway, within your budget I’d consider ATH-M40X. It should pair OK with your Scarlett.

However, since you’re creating content, I’d consider something that actual studio people use, like the SRH840, for instance. I’m aware it’s 50% higher than your budget. It’s closed back and is used by professionals.

My 2 cents.

thanks for all the quick answers!
i searched for both the ATX M40X and the AKG k371, and in the process realized i actually tried on the k371 a few weeks ago and automatically was impressed with it.
if i put those two headphones against each other, as i searched online, i saw generally more favorable reviews of both build quality and sound quality towards the k371.
But the question stands- will those kind of headphones, that are generally produced, as i understand it, as a studio headphones, will be viable for intense gaming as well? how will these kind of headphones match up against the gaming headset of the g pro? which i guess was something no one ever even though of trying to review that way.
what do you all think?

You have to manage your expectations at the $100 price point. Many of the regulars here have multiple sets of headphones, and each one can cost $1,000 or more. I think @DarthPool might have more to say about gaming usage.


DT770 used that price in the states?

Couldn’t agree more. Gaming vs mixing/mastering/producing may have contradicting goals. Specially under the $100 ballpark.

For instance:

I have a DT770. It is v-shaped. It may be good for gaming (I’m not a gamer) but I wouldn’t mix with it. I find it too bright. One can easily mislead the EQ’ing of the song being produced.

To conclude: I’m not aware of a jack of all trades for 100 bucks. You’ll probably have to prioritize your purchase @Dastorious , i.e., gaming over producing or vice-versa.


They are a bit V, but a solid performer. Have good positional, I use a MMX300 MK2 for gaming, which is a slightly tunes DT770.

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Ah! Just thought of it.

Beyerdynamic DT250

Agree. I recognize my comment sounded like I was ranting the DT770. It was not what I meant. I do use this can every now and then. I’m still trying to find the songs they sound best with it. It may be a preliminary conclusion but I found the DT770 best for listening to EDM and some of 2Ks highly compressed rock/pop. But for 70s and 80s in general, not to my taste.

One thing that fascinates me in this forum is that some people do not use EQ. They rather purchase sound signatures (through new cans). :grinning:

Getting off-topic to the original question though.

If you up your price point a bit, the best all purpose headphones I can think of that fits generally your request is the Sennheiser PC37x from… outside of that the HD58X…

Or brave the IEM world of Chi-Fi for your needs? But, I’m not an IEM guy that would be a question for @antdroid maybe


I would recommend the K371 as a budget headphone of choice if you’re looking for a closed back solution. It’s a little more than $100 though. If you are looking for an open back, there’s not a lot I recommend at the $100 range until you get closer to $200 with the Sennheiser HD60X series or perhaps one of the Beyerdynamics (which I dont personally like).

I’m not a huge fan of the ATH headphones in this price range myself. They have very small soundstage and things sound very forward and congested. They are readily available to demo though for example at Guitar Center in the USA (along with the AKG K371, as well as lower tier Beyerdynamics).

If you go towards In-Ear Monitors, there’s a lot more quality there I think than over-ears in this price range, starting with the Etymotics ER2SE or ER2XR or ER3SE/XR, which are no-brainer solutions for someone looking for a budget in-ear with stellar isolation and good sound quality – as long as you can handle the fit.

There’s other IEMs if youre interested and we can go down that rabbit hole too. :slight_smile:


Ooh maybe the Koss Porta Pros!! I actually really like those for gaming… but mixing they might not be the best…


Nice. I have seen them around. Found the topic and will keep an eye on them.

On a separate suggestion, Shure SE215 is a very good entry level too at 100 bucks. With an extra $10 you can purchase similar ear tips than the Etymotics. This is what I use for street running.

At this point @Dastorious is probably even more confused than before deciding to write this post. :wink:

I didn’t want to chime in too soon, but these with the Yaxi’s are pretty sweet.

They aren’t neutral, though. Just a fun, easy, warm, slightly v-shaped sound.

A ‘brighter’ ESS dac smooths our the FR and makes them a little more neutral-ish.

Edit: I believe the KSC75 are more neutral in tuning, and they can be had for around $20. No headband, however.


DT250 are nuetralllll. Definately look into them. Basic design, never break, cheap. Used in studios all over the world. I had a set like 10 years ago, pleasant enough.


Here’s something that punches waaay above $400 headphones and costs $70ish. Plus you don’t have to really amp this.


I have the K371 and like it well enough for a closed back. The K361 is cheaper and some people like that one too. If you’re near a Guitar Center, they might have both available to try.