HiBy R8 - first 4G network supporting DAP

read about the HiBy R8 today and missed this (niche) function in modern DAPs in the last months, while deciding if a DAP could be something for me, instead of my Android phone + ifi xDSD (mobile DAC/Amp)

hope this feature dribbles down in the mid-fi DAP segment

I see why already wireless network connections with your mobile phone are enough for most people

what are your thoughts?

do you even stream with your mobile music source of choice on the go?
could this feature make the Bluettoth codec race obsolete for us audio enthusiasts?
should a future DAP support telephone features?


a second thought - energy drain from different wireless networks

from what I think…

wireless LAN standards are updating quite fast with new generations - still the most drain?
4G networks are fast enough in most places to stream, if available
5G networks will bring us possibly the least battery drain and other benefits (very fast reaction times and so on)

otherwise a powerbank is handy to bring with you


I always have a massive power bank brick on me lol thing ways a lot but I like the security of having power when I need it on the go…my back pack is getting out of hand again with too much gear lol…need to start pairing down again…

I like the idea of having a network connected DAP…but honestly, it might be more cost effective to just buy an older LG Vxx phone…granted not the same power or capabilities but for in the go probably a better solution…

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yeahh here the same - I my EDC backback got 3 new add on pouches on the outside in the last months

the LG Vxx is the opposite - if you don´t like the DAC/sound

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I saw that product announcement a couple months ago, ironically the day after I preordered the R5. That said, as I wrote in my iBasso review, I value portability and streaming, and while streaming off a network is nice, the R8 size looks rather bulky. If they can scale down the size a little bit, it would make more sense for me.

I think the battery life would get severely impeded by a mobile network connection too though.


I’m sure there are those that would find having built-in cellular data functionality on their DAPs to be beneficial. Though I think the need for another data subscription (or adding a device/line to an existing one the way we already do for tablets etc.), and the want of a bigger than normal battery on the DAP might offset that a fair bit - premium DAPs tend to have shorter-than-I-really-want battery life as it is, are bigger than ideal, and are getting pretty heavy as-is.

For me personally, on the very rare occasions that I’m using a DAP and don’t have WiFi access but do have cellular data access, I just turn on the WiFi hot-spot on my phone and let the DAP stream from that. I literally don’t remember the last time I actually did that, though.

The only benefit to that I can see with a DAP having native cellular access is that you’re not draining your phone’s battery to use it. But then if you need to carry an additional battery/power-pack anyway then that doesn’t really get me anywhere.

And no, for me, the last thing I want on my DAP is phone functionality. Same with my cameras, while I think about it. One multi-purpose device is good - if I am going to carry more than one device it’ll be because beyond they’re task-specific and much better at that task than any multi-purpose device.

I’m sure I’m not typical here though - as my true “EDC” consists of my phone, my wallet, keys and AirPods. Everything else is situational and wouldn’t count as “every day” (even if it might be “more days than not”).


Plus most streaming services have offline download mode… I have my entire Spotify, and Qobuz playlists saved directly on my DAP…so I always have access to my favorite tracks on the go… honestly it kind of eliminated my desire to build up a FLAC library that I own…can’t take it to the grave with me lol… I guess one could say it is inheritable…but I’m not sure my daughter would really care all that much outside of nostalgia =) but that is a sad thought…back to happy music and finding a spot to take some pictures!