Hifiman HE-560

Does anyone know where I can find measurements for the HE-560v4 and HE-6se v2 to compare them?
Has anyone heard them both?
What are the main differences?

From what I found I conclude that the 560 v4 is not at all in the same league as the 6se V2. So I’ll concentrate on the HE-6se V2.
Anyone have issues with the clamping force? I mean, it being too low.
I like the clamp on an HD6XX, DCA Aeon RT … I have to set all my headphones to the smallest size or nearly the smallest. Seems I have a narrow head. A Beyerdynamic DT770 with Dekoni pads does not have sufficient clamping to give me a comfortable feeling. It sits too loose and shifts around all the time.
So if the clamping force on the HE-6se V2 is quite low the thing could very well flop around on my head. Not what I want!

Hi guys!

I’ve recently purchased a Hifiman HE560, and I’m using it with two different amps - a SMSL SH-9 and a Topping A90. At least the A90 is well know for deliver an excellent power output.

But, with both the amps, I need to set the gain to high and even then up the volume almost to the amp limit (for instance, 80-85 on the SH-9) to get a really good volume (well, I like my music loud…).

So, anyone has a similar experience with this headphone? Is it normal to need such high volume on these amps to get a good loud volume? I’m kind of a noob, and I’m afraid I got a defective unit.

For the record… Specs:

  • Sensitivity : 90dB
  • Impedance : 45 Ohms

Thanks in advance!

These do require some power to sound good and loud. They are not that hard to drive, I was able to drive them adequately with the old iFi xDSD. at 45 ohms, they will require more of your amp than typical 28 to 30 ohm headphones.

I really don’t get concerned about how far the volume knob goes? On the xDSD it would often just hit the red marker, which is equivalent to about 80-85%. Only worry if you can’t get them loud enough and your amp is running just about flat out. You can’t tell much by volume position because there is no standard, and no way to know what percentage of the actual top power it’s putting out at Noon or 3 PM.

Short of measuring it with a multimeter, of course.

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Hi @pennstac!

First of all, thank you so much for your help.

Well, my real concern really is the possibility of any issue with the headphone, because it’s still within the warranty time and I can request a refund if needed.

Being honest, I didn’t notice any malfunction, and really loved the sound of it. But, as I said, it was really strange to me that it needed that amount of volume. On the other hand, I really can get some very good volume at 80-85 on the SMLS (the limite is 99).

Since I don’t have a multimeter, do you know some simple test that I can perform to certify if the headphone has no issues?

Thanks a lot.

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You might switch to the High Gain setting if your amps have them – Low, Mid, and High gain allow the knob to seem more or less sensitive. With some setups I’m always on low gain, with others I change.

Regarding the HE-560’s potential issues, if inclined you might pop off the ear cushions and inspect the drivers for irregularities, cracks, etc. They will require additional power if in the process of failure.