Holo Audio Azure - Headphone Amplifier - Official Thread

If you’re interested in Holo Audio’s products (such as the Cyan DAC/amp), then you might also be interested in the just-released “Azure” solid-state headphone amplifier and pre-amp.

It is a perfect aesthetic, and form-factor, match for the Cyan. The DSD version of which requires an amplifier, and the PCM version of which is, at least in this case, improved by the addition of one.

Anyway, this is the spot to discuss it!


It looks like it came straight out of the Blade runner universe…such a good looking combo!


The entire Holo Audio line-up is very pretty. And, so far at least, their products sound as good as they look.

If you want to read more about the Azure, I have posted a full review of it, here.

I was quite surprised by it. I didn’t really expect it to sound much different to the built-in output of the Cyan PCM unit … but it definitely elevates the performance of that unit, being more resolving and more dynamic and, despite similar (actually identical) power ratings, seems to yield better authority with super-hard-to-drive cans.


A thread revival 3 years in the making!

I’ve decided to buy one of these to add a headphone amp to my current living room speaker setup. As I will be sitting some distance from the HPA I wanted something with a remote control. I looked at options such as the Burson Soloist but I just don’t need that much power (and heat) to drive my generally low impedance headphones:

Senn HD650
Hifiman Sundara
Hifiman Ananda
Focal Clear
Denon D9200

I also unashamedly chose it for aesthetics as it matches with my Holo Spring 3.

@Torq did you try it with SE RCA in and balanced headphone out?


It’s likely, but it was not something I made notes on (which suggests nothing stood out doing so, good or bad) and since it was over three years ago that I looked at the Azure I can’t remember any specifics.

Thanks mate…yeah I can’t remember specifics from last week, so it was a long shot :wink: