How to EQ in this situation

I’m momentarily using my laptop as a the only source to listen to music via headphones. I’m running Peace as an EQ and am quite happy with the results.

In the near future I’ll be adding a Topping XD3 pro as a DAC/amp. Still no issue with EQ when using the laptop as a source.
But what to do in the next situations:

  1. Connecting an Android phone over BT to the Topping: is there a good cheap/free EQ app I could use? I see most are just 5 band and not full parametric.
  2. I want to connect my CD/SACD player to the digital input on the Topping. Is there a way to EQ the signal in this situation? (DSP with digital optical input and output between SACD player and DAC/AMP? EQ at the output of the Topping?)

As a next upgrade, would it be a good idea to get a separate headphone amp so I can add a DSP between de DAC (keep the Topping for this purpose) and HP-amp? I’m a bit worried about adding noise and distortion when using hardware EQ’s instead of using software like Peace on the laptop.

I’m quite new to this part of the audio hobby. So I’d rather keep the spending a bit limited until I’m sure this is something I can really enjoy for a long time.

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