First Steps into Headphone EQ

So I’ve watched Resolve’s vid on how to EQ an LCDX to vastly improve it’s frequency response curve towards the Harman Target. Needless to say I’m highly motivated to get started in the world of EQ’ing headphones.

Referenced video:

I do have a few contraints:

  1. I never use a laptop or USB as a source and only use DAP via lineout and Turntable → phono as my sources.

1b) My DAP (Fiio X7 mk2) has a basic EQ built in but if you use lineout and bypass the interal DAC then it disables the EQ functionality.

  1. I already have a DAC that I love (Holo Audio Spring KTE) so something like the RME ADI 2 is not an opton.

Based upon those 2 constraints I believe my only option is to go with an analog 30 band EQ like the Klark Teknic DN370:

With that said a few questions:

  1. Does anybody have experience using the DN370? I understand the primary use case for this unit is as a pro gear for mixing/studio work. Not sure if this is even a decent option for hifi listening?

  2. Can I use an analog 30 band EQ to mimic the adjustments that resolved completed in his tutorial?

  3. Do I run the risk of adding noise/distortion into my chain that would potentially offset the gains I could get from EQ’ing?

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