I modded my Aurorus Australis

I like the sound of the Australis so I’m trying not to change that but I thought that the looks could use a tune up. I changed the headband which I’m not super happy with still but I’ll work more on that as time goes on and will likely end up scratch building one for it. The bigger project was cutting some burl cups for it. Here are some pics of the project.



Wow! I really want to try and make a pair of headphones. What machine is that and if it costs ridiculous numbers what is a cheaper substitute that I could jam?


CNC machines are typically very expensive, but there isn’t really a good alternative for wood and metal machining. If you are OK with using plastic and resin as the base materials for your DIY projects, a 3D printer is the way to go.

Just keep in mind that there is a learning curve to 3D printing. Internet guides and experienced DIY-ers on forums will get you on the right track, but true skill is gained through trial and error (and a bunch of wasted materials).


@Arjestin nailed the answer there.

It’s a CNC milling machine and it’s very much not something you would just pick up for DIY projects at home. There are desktop models out there that you could do something with though. For example: https://www.sherline.com/product/8540/ However, they are still quite expensive and there is a fairly steep learning curve to use one. I think the 3D printing option is a good one if you are just wanting to try some designs out.


This is really cool. Awesome job!

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I’m not too familiar with the cups that are on the original Australis but wouldn’t changing the cup materials have an effect on the sound? I also don’t manufacturer headphones so I don’t know what I don’t know but I know it’s been mentioned a couple times with ZMF headphones and different wood combinations.

They look absolutely gorgeous though. Really well done!

Thanks! I’m sure there are some effects on sound but my ears aren’t sensitive enough to really tell that there was much of a change.

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Not bad. That cnc machine costs the same as a pair of verites. Wow! Thanks for the link. I would love to have one of those for making cool stuff in general. A 3d printer is definitely on the list too. I feel both of these items can be very practical in modern living as you can make a lot of things that can be very helpful in daily life as well as particular hobbies. There is a long list of things I’d like to make for example isolation feet for my speakers, etc.

He used a CNC but this is very doable on a simple lathe. If you start getting into complicated resonance chamber shapes thats a different story but that doesnt look while what went on here.


Very true. These could definitely be done on a lathe. You’d have to have a fair bit of experience to get the dimensions perfect on a wood lathe but it’s totally doable.

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Did you happen to figure out the headband situation? I am having some issues with the stock one so I could really use an alternative.

Every perceived measure of technicality is at least on par with HD800. HD800 still wins in upper treble resolution but Borelias easily swamp 800 in mid and lower treble microdynamics and details. Verite is no slouch but the way Borelias presents is a little more straightforward and evident – it immediately wows me.


The headband that I used is some random vintage headband that I modded. It’s OK but not great. Still better than the stock one though. A lot of people seem to use the Audeze headbands to good effect though.

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these cups are beautiful! Is the weight much different than the original ones?

Thanks! They are a bit lighter than the plastic ones but I didn’t weigh them to find out exactly how much.

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