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After 1 week of use, I have to honestly say that I cannot “really” understand the cable discussion.

Yes, I was a bit disappointed after the first unpacking, but after 2-3 days of intensive use, the cable falls into shape without any problems.

With the 900’s, 3 cables are included, so there shouldn’t be any problems for anyone.

Companies like Focal, Hifiman or Audio 64 would be able to confer a title of nobility if they had included cables of this quality :face_with_monocle:

Admittedly, it is not a feast for the eyes, but absolutely functional and with almost no microfonic noises, unless I wear a zipper on the collar.

This is, for example, a cable from the highly praised Sony IER-Z1R, I can hardly tell a big difference except for the coloring :man_shrugging:


I think it’s because we’ve been spoiled by really nice cables from chi-fi iems…add to the fact that it’s also proprietary.

It probably won’t bother me either. The cables look exactly like the ier-m9 and they’re pretty nice, honestly.


I’m still interested just thrown off. I watched one review, can’t remember which one and they mentioned it was a normal 2 pin iem cable so figured it was easily swappable.

Unfortunately, they are proprietary MMCX cable connections. The “problem area” is drawn in red, as the green section „sinks“ into the in-ear connector.



Haha when I first saw the IE900 cable I thought that it did look quite a bit like the Z1R from a functionality standpoint.

Though IMO the difference is that the Z1R has the almost gaudy bling look while the IE900 has gross rubbery look that you can almost feel through the screen. IME as a sound tech I’ve seen random cheap stage IEMs with this sort of rubbery sheathe on the cable and I would only give it to the people in the band I liked least :innocent:


Just posting some FR graphs of various IEMs I’ve had a chance to evaluate of the last few weeks. I did a video comparison, check it out here:

Softears RSV:

Tri Starlight:

Thieaudio Monarch:

*Missing is the Moondrop S8, the GRAS is at the studio so I’ll update this once I get it back there.


The Softears RSV is a wonderful IEM, but falls short compared to the Moondrop S8 in the areas that matter most to me. I see it as a complementary pair rather than an improvement or replacement.
My full review is available on my blog:


Hey @Lothar_Wolf for your ie900 tips, did you remove the little plastic filter that’s on the stock tips and put it in your 3rd-party ones?

I’m assuming it’s mostly there for earwax protection but it could be used for tuning as well I imagine…


I use the red TCM tips of size L with a 14mm diameter, without changing anything in the inner bore. This gives me a very good seal, with which the bass is presented excellently, and the remaining frequencies are presented in a very sparkling and lively manner.

As my preferred amplifier for the 900‘s, I personally use the Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt, whose very good sound quality is in perfect symbiosis with the Sennheiser in my opinion.


Thanks for the feedback!

I managed to pre-order mine and I look forward to trying them out!


:+1: have fun and enjoy these “sound jewels” :bangbang:


Looking for IEM brands that, in general, have longer stems/nozzles on their products. Price range from €0 to €500.
I have noticed that some IEMs just have too short of a nozzle to stay in my ears. Like a Blon BL03 is impossible to get a seal or even to get it stay in my ear for more then a few seconds.
Tin T2 plus is a struggle but with double flange tips or XL sized tips (Spinfit CP100) doable. KZ’s fit fairly good with longer L tips (Xcessor/InAirs) and frequent re-adjusting (but not too often).
On the other hand, the Blessing 2 (Dusk) is great. I don’t get a deep insertion but with L tips I get a good seal, they are comfortable and stay in for multiple hours without issue.
I don’t think it’s the diameter but the length of the nozzle that creates the problems.
Also the semi-custom designs seem to fit best.

Definitely one of the better ones when it comes to looks, sound and comfort.

I like the spatial, clear and detailed musical presentation very much, for the price this is certainly one of the most underrated in-ears.

I have a relatively large inner ear canal, which is why the much-touted comfort of the new sennheiser models can only be achieved with tips with a very large diameter.
With one of these, the IE300 is of course also worth mentioning.

When it comes to comfort and sound, the iBasso IT00 has to be mentioned in this case, which also perfectly combines both categories (even more than the Fiio FH3 in my eyes / ears)


The IE300 was on my list, but looking at the very short nozzle I’m not sure these will fit my ears in any way.
Will surely check those Reecho & Peacock Audio IEMs out.

Can’t remember where but I saw some measurements on the iBasso and read a review somewhere. Not sure if those are for me. But I’ll look them up again.

edit: Looking at the Reecho&Peacock Audio stuff, I wonder if ThieAudio wouldn’t be a good fit too.

You might like the CCA CSN. It has a long and narrow nozzle. You can mount Etymotic tips for additional isolation.

Because the housing of the IE300 is so small, they sit “deep” in the ears. Hence the nozzle does not need to be long. Maybe still worth a try, I find them very comfortable.

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^^^ X2 a great set and yes it doesn’t get the respect it should imho🤘


Yes, but no… but… yes?

They’re called “Fidelity+” MMCX connectors, which just means the socket is a bit recessed. This doesn’t appear to be a Sennheiser proprietary thing, but rather a contract/collaboration/whatever with the company that makes the connector, and its purpose is structural stability. It’s the same MMCX connector more or less, but the cable-side connector housing needs to have a long enough cuff.

I got a Linsoul MMCX cable and it didn’t fit. My solution was to rip out the L/R indicator rings on the connector housings, and now they fit! It’s not the best, but until the Fidelity+ connector gets more options it’s perfectly acceptable, and worlds better than the cable that came with the IE300s.

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I haven’t seen a graph of that IEM yet. So I have no idea what it could sound like.
It looks exactly the same as my KZ DQ6, so it should fit.

My tragus is covering quite a bit of the ear canal. One of the problems with short nozzles is that the IEM gets pushed out by the pressure against the tragus.
…I’ve got funky ears…

The picture is the “Spring” version?
Are they all the same color or does the pattern differ from set tot set?
Any sound comparison to more well known IEMs?

Sounds similar to mine, my right ear is evil and with the stock tips my tragus got super painful.

After some experimentation I found that the Spinfit CP145 were almost perfect, but they pushed the IEM body out just a little too much and eventually caused pain on the anti-tragus. For the past week or so I’ve been using Sedna Earfit Light Short tips, which have a lower profile to let the body sit deep, and they’ve been wonderful. If they had silicone as soft as the Spinfits I’d probably try the next size up for a slightly harder to break seal, but they don’t, so… eh.

Point is, the IE300s can sit deep enough to not be a problem even if your ears are filled with hatred, you just need the right tips.