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This obviously hits your sweet spot. This how the Odin feels in my ears. I hope my love affair will last. But congratulations on finding something you really love. It’s a great thing.


Odin is a $3000-$4000 IEM right? You better hope you feel this way about them:). I"m sure you would have returned them for that amount of money if they weren’t angels playing in your ears.

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Oh yes they certainly are the best Iem’s I’ve ever heard. But that’s obviously just my opinion. Perhaps I didn’t convey what I meant very well. Lol.

You make a good point too though. For that money you need to make sure that you love them wholeheartedly.

Welcome too @DIGITALCRACK_Blog.

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I have to say… I’m having a very similar experience. I keep switching back and forth from my Elegia and Sundara to these to confirm that I’m actually hearing what I’m hearing. I just got them in yesterday (after being delivered a week later than expected, due to FedEx being FedEx :expressionless:), and these things are really enjoyable. REALLY enjoyable.

I’m using the brass nozzles, with the large spring tips and plugged into my Schiit Magnius/Modius stack and… holy hell, I was NOT expecting these to sound this good and I feel kinda silly actually considering the for everyday use at my desk.

This is not to say that I don’t love my current headphones, but I’m shocked by how good these IEMs sound. Especially being only my second pair of IEMs (not counting the AirPods Pro, which I gave to my wife after getting the KZ ZS10 Pro).


The SeeAudio Bravery is a versatile IEM with no deal-breaking flaws at its price point. It has a mostly neutral tuning, with slightly elevated bass relative to textbook neutrality.

My full review, with measurements and additional images, is available on my blog:


Does anyone have pictures of what their Moondrop Kato glossy silver version looks like after time? Trying to gage how bad they might look over time!