iFi Audio - iDSD Diablo Portable Dac/Amp - Official Thread

I’m still seeing 899 - it did not, to my knowledge?

Amazon is showing 999 sold by ifi audio.

Let me check in on that with the team and see what happened.

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Other things have gone up as well. Neo idsd, micro signature. Etc.

I am looking at a neo idsd currently. Or a zen stack.

Correct, there has been a price bump on all of our products. I believe it is around 10% for everything.

Unfortunately, this is something that was unavoidable with the impact of COVID and many other factors.

We did our best to work around it, but it eventually came around!

Apologies if this is an inconvenience to anyone, and hope you all can understand.


Not surprised. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a pricing issue.

I will probably buy something soon with the m11 plus pre-order not working out well.


Sure thing mate! Happy to clarify.

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I just took delivery yesterday of my new Diablo. I bought it as an easily-stored mini-system for a second apartment I just took to visit family frequently. The apartment is too small for a desktop setup and this is perfect to jack into my iPad or iPhone.

Because of some other headphone purchases recently (Utopia and LCD-5 and VC), I was questioning whether I really needed my ZMF Aeolus. Well, now I found its purpose and it’s on its way to my new place. It pairs wonderfully with the Diablo, which has ample juice to power the Aeolus.

And as for the Diablo’s performance, I couldn’t be happier based on my initial time with it. The detail and authority of the SQ is pretty impressive for such a small package - it certainly packs more of a punch than my original and departed HipDAC, which I love but which wouldn’t be up to this job, I don’t think.

Anyway, a pretty tidy solution to making my new apartment audiophile-friendly.


iFi iDSD Diablo has good synergy with my Hifiman Edition X. I think the Diablo is a step away from my other iFi units soundwise. Diablo has more focus on clarity and high technicalities. Less of the iFi house sound which I am hearing more from the original iFi Micro iDSD Silver and Zen Signature HFM set, without the Diablo becoming too sterile and analytical. To me the synergy is better with the Hifiman Edition X than with my Focal Clear OG.


Thanks very much. It is a step away from our traditional house sound.