iFi Audio Pro iDSD Signature - Streamer, DAC & Amp - Official Thread

iFi just announced their new update on the old Pro iDSD model, the iFi Audio Pro iDSD Signature.

From iFi
The Pro iDSD Signature is our new flagship reference class DAC and then some! The Signature edition builds on the strengths of the original, multi-award winning Pro iDSD.

It continues to cater for those who love good music delivered at the highest quality.

Use the Pro iDSD Signature as a standalone unit, a DAC/preamp , a network streamer and a headphone amplifier .

A Signature step up

The Signature takes the original Pro iDSD and pushes it even further towards perfection.

The Pro iDSD Signature has:

  • a sonically darker background and a punchier bass
  • upgraded power -supply components to lower the overall system noise by 300%
  • precisely matched NOS GE5670s tubes
  • added support for USB1.0 (PS4/PS5)
  • a new aluminium remote control
  • a top-of the range iPower Elite power supply included


I think it looks awesome, though it would have been cool if it was that same dark blue that the Micro iDSD Signature is :slight_smile:

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Hey @taronlissimore / @SebastienChiu … did they make any changes to the streamer side to work better/smoother? and if so… can I trade you my current one for that one? :slight_smile:

Happy cakeday man!

Also - finally the new iFi I was waiting for :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@SebastienChiu Is it Roon ready? Pretty please…

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Looks like the new iCAN was announced too.

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I see that on the iFi site but I don’t see it for sale anywhere yet.

It’s a shame they chose to stick with the LinkPlay nonsense, instead of putting in a Roon-compatible streaming solution (especially where they have one).

And yes, I know there’s the half-assed “Software Bridge” solution (Windows only, isn’t RAAT - so not Roon-native, needs twice the bandwidth of a proper Roon connection), and that you can use AirPlay from Roon, but neither is how typical Roon users want to use stuff like this.

Otherwise looks good, except for the placement of the “Signature” badge …


yeah, this. I was hoping they’d change this aspect…

Thanks, guys, understand where you are coming from and appreciate the feedback.

No changes to the streamer side, with this one, unfortunately.

Hope you all get to try them out soon!

hey @SebastienChiu can you give some info on the differences between the pro-iCAN signature and the original, soundwise?

From my perspective, ironically exactly as our description says. there was a darker background, and the bass had more oomph. It also felt a little warmer overall as well but still maintained the overall signature that the Pro is known for.

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