iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label - Official Thread

It’s what certain headphones do to your ears… the good ones anyway :wink:


I made up NiBL in my review of the Nano iDSD Black Label lol, and I think enough people liked it that they created a link for it after it was used enough ha! It’s pronounced “nibble” :wink: if it wasn’t apparent =) which is appropriate due to its size in comparison to the bigger micro iDSD Black Label (or MiBL :laughing:).


How is that MiBL? I have a NAD dac/amp that’s equipped with a Burr Brown chip, and it’s buttery smooth.

Hmm…are you asking how I like this AIO? Or how I got the Acronym MiBL?

I currently keep the NiBL on me (in my backpack) everyday, I also am a fan of the Burr brown DAC! Very smooth and an enjoyable listen :smile: this should answer the first interpretation of the ? Even though they are different amps the DACs are similar enough for me to be comfortable lumping the two devices together here. I believe the MiBL has more power output potential as the defining feature…but being lazy and not confirming on the “internet’s” :wink:

If asking about the acronym: Micro(M) iDSD(i) Black(B) Label(L) :wink:


Yeah, I meant the sound. :laughing:
I just love the tiny form factor of these Dragonfly units. Damn choices… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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For me, price to function and enjoyment of a thing, the NiBL wins over the Dragonflies. But I can understand the desire for a small form factor DAC…but once again for me the NiBL is small enough to not be a factor in my use case. If using my phone I’ll just go with the Razer USB-C THX DAC dongle with iFi iEmatch and my Andromeda’s. But if at my desk or traveling I would use the NiBL. But in full transparency I now use the Cayin N6ii for both use cases…unless I just want to stream on the go, then it will be the phone Razer dongle - iFi - Andromeda’s combo.

I did a review and so has @Torq on the Nano here: iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label - Review & Impressions Index


Thank you. :+1:t4: