Improving Dap Usability (bluetooth remote control?)

I have been using the ibasso dx160 for a few days now. And I have one real problem:

How do I make skip backward/forward and volume work without dragging the thing out of my pocket?

Is there a bluetooth device that can link with an android dap and do just that? Something I can clip on somewhere and keep accessible?

If I could solve that, and solve it as well as my apple watch does it, a DAP is an absolutely superb option for me.


I think something like this:

But I would like confirmation it actually works.

The one I bought (not the one linked above) refuses to stay connected to the dx160.

Actually cancelled the hiby r6 2020 until I can figure out why it doesn’t work. (Trying to find out if bluetooth low energy is supported)

It should be noted, it appears to work fine connected to my iPhone. Reconnects instantly. The one thing it won’t do is open the music player and start playing if it has shut itself down from lack of use.

Basically, it only controls audio if some app has told apple there is something to play.

Camera button also works. In fact, the whole thing seems very well implemented.

So much so I might keep it and use it in the car (the intended purpose, attach it to the wheel to keep play controls safer)

Anywho, if I can prove this works on the hiby r6 2020 or the iBasso dx300, I will buy one of them. (Or if I can find them at a place with a no risk return policy)


Good luck. I will admit I’m waiting on the sidelines to see how you do before I make any mobile-oriented purchases. So you’re doing a fine job as forum guinea pig. :grinning:


Yeah, I do that. Just be warned, I have ridiculously high expectations. Example: We were just released from quarantine after negative test results, and I kept my IEMs in while running some errands.

It would have driven me nuts not to have apple audio coming through the headphones (directions, texts from my wife, etc…). This means while out, I definitely want bluetooth or wired from the phone. This may not rule out a dap, but it does mean streaming from the dap is a non-starter for that case. So a dap would just be a giant btr5 that can’t handle phone calls.

It’s making daps less and less appealing. Especially since the quality jump from the apple dongle is not giant.

Anyway, I am pretty sure there isn’t a great way to get the best of both worlds here.

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I’ve read in another thread you chose the DX but if one uses Hibylink one can control the DAP from their phone. I’m not sure but you may be able to use Hibylink with a non-Hiby DAP but would probably have to use the Hiby music app.

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I returned the dx300.

Hibylink is basically useless as a streamer. I don’t have a music library. Also, on iPhone it is wifi only, which makes it even more useless unfortunately. As far as I could tell it couldn’t be used to play/pause some other app. Only the hiby music library.

I had a hiby r3 And got to experiment with this.

I am still considering the r6 2020. But instead of the dx300 I am trying out the Audeze Euclid. Fun fun!


Sorry- didn’t know you were interested in streaming only. Didn’t see that in your post.

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I can’t even keep track of all my requirements for these products. No way you could. :wink:

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Agree. Happy listening!