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Hi Headphones Dot Com!

Reallyoldcob here! You may have read some of my reviews. I’m a huge headphone fan and I mix/produce primarily on a HiFiMan Sundara and a Focal Utopia in my studio.

I’m a record producer @ Paper Moon Records 🪩

Paper Moon Records is a Brooklyn-based independent record label. We produce records, videos, events, and playlists.



Latest records:

"Smaller (feat. Margaux)" - Single by Modern Diet

“Voicemail” - Single by Carli & The Dark

“formless cluster” - Single by Talk Bazaar

“Taste Those Dreams” by EP My Son The Doctor

We also produce live sessions called Paper Moon Sessions. These are intimate and ultra HQ performance videos with largely unknown up-and-coming artists.

Just thought this might be a good place to share what we’ve been up to at Paper Moon Records. Feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more!




Some playlists…

"Paper Moon Records :mirror_ball: Radio"
is a Spotify playlist that we we update every Tuesday with our favorite new releases in INDIE ROCK

Paper Moon Records Radio (1)

"PMR :pancakes: The Stacks"
is a Spotify playlist that archives every song that’s ever been on “Paper Moon Records :mirror_ball: Radio” … The Stacks is currently 115 hours long! Dig in! :plate_with_cutlery:

The Stacks

new single from Paper Moon Records by Talk Bazaar mixed by me :smile_cat:

hot air