What music have you been listening to this past week?


Hey guys, I thought it might be interesting to share what we’ve been enjoying listening to recently. I shall have a go first. I mainly use Spotify Premium @320 on my Dap. The albums of choice recently have been:

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Crowded House (Deluxe)
Sessions from the 17th Ward by Amber Rubarth
Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition by Jenifer Warnes
Completely Hooked by Dr Hook
Buena Vista Social Club by Buena Vista Social Club
All Out 80’s - Playlist by Various Artists

I haven’t put any links up as they are just downloaded from Spotify. It’s a bit of a mix I know. But it’s the stuff that I enjoy. :grin:. Don’t be too harsh…


I usually add my latest songs to this…some make it here some don’t lol…and I usually listen to a version of this on random on Spotify everyday.


Then I shall have a look at your list and play a few. I do a similar thing but my play list now has a few hundred of my favourites added. A real eclectic mix. Embarrassingly so a few of them. Haha. I may go public some day.:grin:


I like how you’ve done the link with your photo in it too. Very slick. I am using my mobile. How do you go about getting the box and editing the info inside?


hit the 3 dots next to play then hit edit details and you can name the playlist/add photo/ and description.


This guy/gal/group puts together some very relaxing chill out music playlists… Chillhop is one of my favorites but they are all really good mellow tracks. Great background music, or even just lowlight and a dram chilling in your favorite chair music.


Thank you I shall give this lot a good going over.

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For me lately, it’s been Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Radiohead’s OKNOTOK, U137, and Chris Stapleton music, and The Civil Wars.


I’ve been giving the MrSpeakers Ether 2 with the SPL Phonitor X a full run-through for the last week or so with a a bunch of Tidal MQA albums. Some have been great, while others have not been as much fun.

Currently listening to:


reminded me of this album from early 2000s, but with better mastering/quality lol:

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Petty’s newest box set
Electric Ladyland 50th anniversary
Stones Black and Blue
Billy Gibbons big bad blues
Knopfler down the road forever


I focus on new (to me) content. I made it through all of these albums at least once.

Not an endorsement, just a report:

Passenger - Whispers
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
Infected Mushroom - Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys
Rickie Lee Jones - self-titled debut album
Jim James - Uniform Distortion
Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
Billie Elish - dont smile at me
Rubblebucket - Sun Machine
Jens Lekman - Life Will See You Now
Dale Watson - Blackjack
Moonface - This One’s for the Dancer & This One’s for the Dancer’s Bouquet
Gorillaz - The Now Now
Murder By Death - The Other Shore


I love to bounce between Jim James uniform distortion and uniform clarity albums. Good sonic journey through mirror albums.


I find myself in the weirdest place with music right now. My two favourite genres are jazz and metal. And I don’t mean just the light stuff in either genre haha. One moment I’m listening to the bad plus, the next I’m listening to Opeth.

Good jazz for headphones:

Patricia Barber (test sibilance with this)
Tingvall Trio
Brad Mehldau
Anna Moon
Molly Johnson
Aaron Parks
Diana Krall
Alexis Cole
Stacey Kent
GoGo Penguin
JD Allen
Ulf Wakenius
Julian Lage (this stuff is amazing)
Robert Glasper Trio
Francis Lockwood
Antonio Farao
Chris Potter
Eric Harland
The Bad Plus

Good metal for headphones:

Steven WIlson
Opeth (the older stuff)
Pain of Salvation
DT (scenes from a memory only… and the one new song)


I have never been able to get into metal myself. Though perhaps I have never given it a real go. With regards to jazz I really like listening to it, though I am no expert. Heck, I know next to nothing about it only that I like to hear it.


According to Spotify I’m going through a neo-classical period:


New quest: find metal that Paul likes. He wrote:

So, from this playlist it seems that you enjoy melody driven music. Metal has 100 sub-genres, and some are wildly different from one another. Melody was a big component in the 1970s, and in mainstream metal during the 1980s. It then fragmented every which way. I personally take it in smaller doses and don’t like jack-hammer, machine gun, chainsaw music sung by a gargling demon.

Perhaps try mainstream heavy-ish music, such as Led Zepplin III, Ozzy’s Crazy Train, and Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction. Also, you might consider symphonic/orchestral metal from Nightwish or Yngwie Malmsteen. My wife is hardcore classical but genuinely appreciates Yngwie’s technical skills (and she gravitates toward progressive rock on technical grounds).


I recently saw Iron and Wine in concert (Sam Beam) so I have been revisiting his catalogue from what I think are his best years, 2002 (The Creek Drank the Cradle) - 2013 (Ghost on Ghost). There are some real gems in between those years, such as The Trapeze Swinger from Around the Well. At his show he forgot the words to that 9 minute song!


Thank you for your suggestions @generic I appreciate it. I must definitely set time aside to listen to some Led Zeppelin. It has been recommended before and they are said to have some iconic stuff amongst their albums.


I have just listened to The Trapeze Swinger. What a great song. Really catchy stuff. I shall look into this artist further. Thank you.

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