Is it a GIMMICK?


I think most trains run on 600 or 1200 volts, not 7 (making popping sound with pinky in mouth) Billion volts.

I can see the next rage in high-end audiophile silliness would be to get the 9600 volt feed common in the US to go into your house, then have them sell you an Oxygen Free silver plated transformer, with cryogenic oil fill . . .


Topic is and always will be contentious. Nothing of it has ever been useful.

Didn’t they think (most of the world) was flat. Turned out it wasn’t.
Scientists continue to discover many things are not what they appeared to be.

The only thing I hope for is I always stay open to learn more of what I don’t know.

In over 55 years of the wonderful world of audio, I never thought I would have experienced these many changes since the transistor radio
Enough of my philosophical soap box. Happy listening to ever how you want to.

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Eric Burdon . “It’s my life”

But baby (baby)
Remember (remember)
It’s my Ears and I’ll do what I want
It’s my Gear and I’ll do what I want"

A word play of my thoughts on the subject.

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Binaural is cool, but suffers from proportion/volume issues - the mics seem to pick up more little stuff than real ears. This was an issue in the early stereo films too. The solution was a center channel speaker and less emphasis on the sides.


Listening with your third ear? Sounds like material for a nice sci-fi flick. :wink:

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The third ear–aka the acoustic properties of the immediate environment–was the grain of truth behind the Bose direct-reflecting technology. Lots of mid 1950s movies had sharp left-right zap-zap transitions. I saw them years ago on the AMC or TCM cable channels.