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Been a while since I posted here.
I’m surprised no one has mentioned Sonny Rollins. Absolutely love “The Bridge”.
funny story, I went to HS near the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges, would walk across to the city, and occasionally used to see this guy playing Saxophone. Being young and stupid never spent much time listening…
Yeah, Sonny Rollins, or that’s what someone said much later.

Way back in 2018 I mentioned not appreciating Keith Jarret’s The Koln Concert. at the advice of folks here I did get a copy and ‘forced’ myself to listen. well forced is an exaggeration as I found it very interesting and listen to it from start to finish now and really like it. Thanks guys!


I just “re” discovered this group. I had forgotten about them, until Roon Radio surfaced them again. I am appreciating them even more this time. In most trios, the piano leads and is supported by the bass and drums, with obligatory solos by them. In this case, I get the impression that each instrument has equal billing, and they all support each other equally. I am inspired to do a deeper dive into the Alboran Trio’s discography.

Alboran Trio review

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Gilad Hekselman live @ Village Vanguard, playing with Shai Maestro & Eric Harland (two of my favorites!), and the performance was nothing short of MAGIC. Check out his new album “Far Star” - it’s spectacular!

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Thanks for the recommendation! I have not listened a lot to this kind of jazz, but this album was awesome and funky :slight_smile: