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It is pretty good. My overall fav is The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (Impulse, 1963)


Me, too! It’s one of my favorite pieces of music regardless of genre.


Remaster on vinyl coming out later this month!


You and @cpp convinced me - Ordered the Mingus album. Looked around at some of the other vinyl. Did not get more, but was tempted by the pink Diana Ross and the Velvet Underground, plus about 5 or 6 of the Jazz selections.


I don’t know if this has been posted, but there’s a lot of free livestreams and past show archive on this channel that I dig: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CpuLbD30nXIHF_OMHrX2Q

Their volume is kinda low sometimes, but pretty good quality.

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Latest post in my jazz discovery journey. I decided to leave fusion til a later date and move back in time. I’ve been listening a lot to albums that came out between the late 50s and early 60s and really enjoying them.

It’s really interesting that everyone seemed to play on each other’s albums, so when I like a particular album, it’s fun to look up the players and try something out by them. I’m using Amazon HD and the local library, not Roon, so I’m doing my research the old fashion way, rather than have Roon just give it to me, but that makes it a little more fun IMO.

Here are some artists I’ve been enjoying lately, with the “gateway” album that hooked me:


Yes indeed but my favorite Corea Trio is ‘Now He Sings Sobs’

The 2021 Jazz Poll is out … having migrated from the Village Voice to NPR to the Arts Fuse.150+ writers (including myself) contributed. So much good stuff on there, it was a helluva good year for the music despite the COVID-induced reduction of live performances.

Jazz Poll


I think I recognize you! Are you a frequenter of the Organissimo boards?

I just posted a string of music recommendations in a post within the newcomers’ welcome thread. It occurred to me to search to see whether one of my favorite bands, Medeski, Martin and Wood, were mentioned here. Not until now! Any MMW fans around? Folks here might also recognize some or all of them from their work with John Scofield (who is my favorite living guitarist — his latest quartet work is BAD, saw them (Combo 66) in Taipei and what a treat!).

(To those digging on Ellington in their book club reading right now…)

(And to my people with soul… tell me, can you get to this?)

And one as-yet unrelated mention, since I wonder whether anybody else loves Larry Grenadier here, any fans of FLY TRIO (Grenadier, Ballard, Turner)? I’d post one of my favorite tracks (“Salt and Pepper”), but it’s not on Youtube (well, only a spotty live video is).

Hell, while I’m at it, is there anybody here who love my Jesus?

My favorite Coltrane track is Soul Eyes, also from my favorite Coltrane session. Nice to meet you all.


I’m not familiar with those boards, but I’ve known the MMJ guys since before their first record came out and used to see them play all the time.

Those must’ve been wild days. A bit before my time.

It was just super fun to have them in town (Atlanta) so often – pre-Olympics maybe 1994, there was a cool coffeehouse (when the idea was new in our town) that did live music, and they almost became the house band. In later years they moved to larger venues. It was exciting to watch their audience build, incrementally, over just a couple of years …

I didn’t start seeing them until about 2008, but I’ve caught many shows since then, including MMW, with Scofield, and all of their respective solo endeavors. My buddy took some drum lessons from Billy, and he lives nearby. All interesting fellas and fantastic players.

Oh wow … OK, well I had about 15 years jump on you … great guys.

Great to find this thread. Just listening to Trilok Gurtu’s The Glimpse. Didn’t see him mentioned on the thread, so thought I’d recommend this recording. One of his best


Never heard of this! Will check it out.

Cool. Sounds good on my Elex. Something with speed and punch to capture the percussion

Two nice EPs from William Chernoff in 2021: “Quartet Reunion” and “12th Street Quintet”. Nice mainstream tunes from a young musician