Kenzie Encore on Ebay

There’s an Encore listed on Ebay right now with a pretty nice array of tubes and a Jupiter capacitor upgrade. Pretty sweet deal
Encore on Ebay


Yes it is…but those damn taxes…the bonuses make it sweeter but I have too many amps now. Someone should jump on this. The guys description is great and seems up front.

Nice unit for sure. Thought you were interested in one…

My Kenzie Encore has Audience caps.

…but those damn taxes…

I know, if I make an offer on something pricey on ebay I always let the seller know that I have to factor over 6% in sales tax.

If you were going to buy it, I would negotiate in the price of a Pelican case to ship it. Harbor Freight Apache 4800 case or a Seahorse branded one.

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I have the Kenzie OG that used to belong to @MokhaMark .
Also have an upgrade on the horizon, otherwise I’d jump on this. It looks like a great deal.